Climate Emergency (Saved)


Freshford Parish Council has declared a Climate Emergency (summer 2019) and this November it unanimously declared an Ecological Emergency.

These declarations mean that all Parish Council decisions going forward will be viewed through the dual lenses of ‘Is this good for the climate and ecology of Freshford and all its residents, both now and in the future ?’.

Science and Government agree that we have 10 years to make radical changes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 and try to minimise the effects of climate change.

We urgently need to look after nature, which at all levels is suffering, and yet offers us real solutions to our wellbeing, the health of our wildlife and to reduce carbon.

Save the date:

Thursday 28th January 2021 7pm-9pm

In January we’ll be holding an online community forum to share and discuss the community’s thoughts, concerns and ideas with the aim to build a Freshford action plan. BANES council will facilitate this online forum for us to discuss the things we want to change and those we want to retain or maybe even reinstate.

Everyone is invited (including residents and landowners in our neighbouring parishes), with the only caveat being that discussions will focus on Freshford.

To prepare for this meeting and ensure all voices can be heard (particularly those who aren’t online) we are going out to the community to try to gain a wide understanding of your wishes. Please put the date of the forum in your diary, look out for the communications and register your interest.

If you want to get involved or have an idea please contact:

Cllr Tania Pascoe 07841 327475 or

Selina Jobson (Clerk)

Online Questionnaire

To help gain a wider understanding of community wishes in advance of the online community forum, it would be helpful if the questionnaire could be completed by 18 January. This will help to set up the structure for the meeting. All ideas will be considered and later submissions will be considered in the final report.

The online forum will need advance configuration, which will be greatly assisted by this form. This is the same questionnaire that has been circulated to Freshford residents in paper form.

Already wonderful things are being proposed. Friends of Freshford (FOF) have put forward a plan to enhance ecology on the Tyning and in the cemetery, the school has installed solar panels and ideas are afoot from landowners to plant more trees.


BANES are facilitating the Community Forum, and the required process is to register in advance of the Forum meeting.

Details about registration are on the next page: Link to the Next Page

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