Neighbourhood Plan - revised draft, January 2014

Revised Draft Plan
Please note that the period for community consultation is now closed.  The Neighbourhood Plan Management Group is now reviewing comments made and will be amending the Neighbourhood Plan as appropriate.  The Revised Draft, January 2014, and associated documents are being left on this site for the benefit of any residents who may be interested but may no longer be the current version.  Updated information will be added to this site when available - residents will be notified by means of a community email.  (If you are not registered to receive community emails, please do so here.)

Following the community consultation held in July and August 2013 a Revised Draft Plan is now published for the statutory period of consultation from 11th January to 22nd February.  This is the last stage at which residents can contribute to the drafting of our Plan, so please take the time to let us have any comments you may have.  To view the Draft Plan, click on the image above.  (Please note that, because of the size of the file, the link will take you to Dropbox, from where the document can be downloaded.)   Other key documents can be accessed further down this page.

To make a comment

We welcome your further comments during the statutory consultation period, 11th January to 22nd February 2014.
  • Visit one of the open surgeries.
  • Pick up a comment form at The Galleries Shop, or download one here.
  • Send your comment by email.
  • Or write to Ingrid Maher Roberts, 4 Cliffe Drive, Limpley Stoke BA2 7FY
Open surgeries will be held to display, discuss and receive comments on the Revised Draft Neighbourhood Plan:
  • Saturday 11th January 2014, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon at the Limpley Stoke Hotel
  • Saturday 18th January 2014, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon at Freshford Village Memorial Hall

A copy of the Revised Draft Neighbourhood Plan, with comment forms, will also be on display at The Galleries Shop.

The Revised Draft differs from the version published last summer in several respects, the main ones being:

  • The ‘Village Envelopes’ have been rethought, leaving out Pipehouse and the brownfield sites at Freshford Mill and Rentokil.  They have been renamed ‘Settlements’ as this is a term used by planning authorities.
  • The idea of pressing for traffic lights on the A36 has been dropped.
  • The suggested new footpath from St. Mary’s Church down to the shop has also been dropped.
  • ‘Infill development’ has been more clearly defined.
  • Prospective numbers of new market and affordable housing have also been clarified.
Other documents (please note that some of these are still 'work in progress'):

o   CSAppendix 1: ‘Freshford and Limpley Stoke Community Planning Workshop – January and February 2012’

o   CSAppendix 2: Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan leaflet; June 2012

o   CSAppendix 3: Leaflet/Questionnaire ‘Making Progress’; February 2013

o   CSAppendix 4: Quiz involvement leaflet; September/October 2012

o   CSAppendix 5: ‘Making Progress’ questionnaire – Response Analysis April 2013

o   CSAppendix 6: Draft Neighbourhood Plan; July 2013

o   CSAppendix 7: Articles in Limpley Stoke Clarion

o   CSAppendix 8: Articles in Freshford Bulletin

o   CSAppendix 9: Community emails

o   CSAppendix 10: Comments received in response to Draft Neighbourhood Plan

o   CSAppendix 11: Legal Compliance Guide

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