Freshford Cemetery

  1. Residents of Freshford Parish have absolute right of burial (or interment of ashes) in Freshford Cemetery.
  2. Former Residents of Freshford Parish may be buried (or their ashes may be interred) in Freshford Cemetery if:
      • The burial (or interment of ashes) is to be in an existing family grave, 
      • or 
      • They had lived in Freshford Parish for at least 15 years and had thereafter lived outside the Parish for less then 10 years.
  3. Any other burials (or interment of ashes) are at the discretion of Freshford Parish Council.
 CHARGES  Freshford resident Freshford non-resident
 Plots     Grave £390 £780
  Ashes £180 £360
 Interment Adults £180 £360
  Child (under 18) £135
(free under 1 year)
  Ashes £135 £270
Monumental Masonry Headstone £180 £360
  Added inscription £60 £120
  Tablet (ashes) £120 £240
Note: Headstones etc. for graves or interred ashes should be in keeping with existing ones in the cemetery so far as material, size and colour are concerned.

May 2012