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Parish Council Meeting 14th December 2015

posted 3 Nov 2015, 07:21 by parish council   [ updated 5 Jan 2016, 08:37 by Parish Council Communications ]


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



ON MONDAY 11th January 2016 AT 7.00PM



1.   Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

3.   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th December 2015 (approval & matters arising)

4.   Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

5.  Finance and personnel

·       Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

·       Approve Precept Requirement 2016/17

6. Planning Applications and Decisions (RP)

7.  Correspondence Received

8.  PC Assets (MW)

9. Neighbourhood Planning

10. West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study (HD)

11.  The Tyning Advisory Group (SW)

·       Tyning questionnaire

12.   Streets, Grounds Maintenance

·       Street Cleaning Contract (SW)

13. Updates to include:

(i)              Roads & Traffic & Footpaths (NS)

(ii)            Drainage (HD)

(iii)           Environment (JH/NS)

      (iii) Street Lighting (IMR)

      (iv) Facilities & Funding (JA)

(v) Communications & Bulletin (AO/HD/PK)

14. Exchange of information

Date of Next Meeting: 8th February 2016


I Maher Roberts

CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts

4 Cliffe Drive,

Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY

01225 723036







Freshford Parish Council Report                            4th January 2016

                                                                                               Martin Walker


Agenda Item 8 - Freshford PC Assets

All known assets have been inspected and condition reports have been prepared with recommendations for planned work and maintenance over the next 5 years.  No further update

Pill Boxes to be inspected and recorded.

Notice Boards

Quotation to repair the three Notice Boards at Park Corner, High Street and Midford Lane approved.  Work to be carried out in January/February 2016.

Memorial Benches

Repairs to be agreed.

Lamp no. 7 on Laurel House.

Budget quotation received from Ironart to restore existing iron lamp bracket with white low brightness Edison screw lamp and Glass shade/dome. Proposal is that SSE disconnect and take down existing fitting, hand to Ironart for repair and adaption and then SSE refix and re-install. Quotation awaited from SSE for all works.

Tyning Wall Fracture.

To inspect with local stone mason in January 2016 and obtain quotation for repointing.

Cemetery Wall

Proposals and quotation for safety barrier adjacent retaining wall to Freshford Lane be obtained and approved. Meeting with local contractor arranged for early January 2016.

Street sign Clutter

To inspect and record.


Martin Walker,   4th January 2016.


Report to a Meeting of Freshford PC,  - Hugh Delap

Monday, 11th January 2016


Agenda Item 10: West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study

This plan and study is being undertaken by the four councils that used to make up Avon (Bristol, B&NES, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset).  A consultation period is now underway and will close on 29th January and perhaps the only observation we should make is to record in another forum our opposition to the possibility of an A46/A36 link (see Agenda Item 13 (i) below).  We could also submit our Neighbourhood Plan as evidence of how we, Freshford PC, see development in our part of the region.

Anyone can submit views to and we could draw wider attention to this via the Community Database.


Agenda Item 13: Updates

(i)        Roads, Traffic & Footpaths

·      Road closure by the viaduct.  At the time of writing (5th January) B&NES Highways are intending to close the B3108, the road from Lower Stoke to its junction with the A36 at the viaduct, from Monday 11th January until Friday 5th February.  We were aware of this possibility in October via an email exchange Neil Butters had with Craig Jackson of the Highways Maintenance Department who promised further details nearer the time.  None came nor was there any consultation with the PCs or others, businesses and residents, who might be affected by it.  On pressing B&NES within the last few days we were sent a map that showed the road being completely blocked and a proposed diversionary route requiring traffic to go into Bath and cross the river by Cleveland Bridge. There are no signs or notices that might prevent or limit rat-running through Limpley Stoke or Freshford.

From discussion with Libra we know that they are trying to work something out with Wiltshire Council for the No 94 bus.  Nothing has been resolved at the time of writing nor has there been a response to the comments and requirements set out in our response on receiving the diversionary plan.

·      A possible link between the A46 and A36.  A small VPA delegation, including myself, met Jacob Rees-Mogg on 11th December to explain the VPA’s opposition to the possibility of a link between the A46 and A36 and to understand why he appeared to have joined his Bath colleague, Ben Howlett MP, in support of the idea.  His view is based simply on the fact that it would improve access across the valley to the east of Bath and if it was a thing of real beauty it would be an asset to the environment.  He would oppose anything that was not beautiful.  He did not appear to have taken account of the effect of the inevitable increase in traffic it would generate on the A36 and the effect that would have on all who live close to the A36.  The VPA committee is due to meet again to discuss the next move later this month.

(ii)      Drainage

Whilst Freshford hasn’t suffered storms of the kind in the north of the country there has been considerable rainfall.  It is good to be able to report that the quite extensive work carried out by B&NES during the summer on the drainage system running down Freshford Lane and as part of the work on the school crossroads has meant that the storm water we have had recently has flowed freely.

Malcolm Shirley is Freshford’s Flood and Drains Representative on B&NES’s Flood and Drains Team and keeps an eye on our drainage system and in touch with the team.

(v)      Facilities and Funding

The chairman of the Freshford Memorial Hall Committee, Claudia Towner, has applied to Neil Butters for funds from the Ward Councillors’ Initiative to replace the existing fluorescent lighting with LED tubes.  The lighting would be better, dimmable and consume less electricity.  The completed application form is accompanies this report and I propose that the PC supports it.

(vi)     Communication and Bulletin

The Winter edition is due to be distributed over the last weekend of January with the closing date for copy being Tuesday 19th January.





NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



ON MONDAY 14th December 2015 AT 7.00PM



1.   Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

3.   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 9th November 2015 (approval & matters arising)

4.   Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

5.  Finance and personnel

·       Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

·       Precept Requirement 2016/17

-        NP Implementation budget

-        PC Assets (MW)

6. Planning Applications and Decisions

      15/05492/FUL& 15/05493/LBA  – Inn at Freshford – Conversion of existing outbuilding into B&B room/holiday let

7.  Correspondence Received

8.  Neighbourhood Planning (NS)

·       Update on registering the Inn at Freshford as an Asset of Community Value

·       FFPC & LSPC Joint NP Implementation committee

9.  PC Assets (MW)

10.  The Tyning Advisory Group (SW)

11.   Streets, Grounds Maintenance

·       Street Cleaning Contract (SW)

·       Memorial benches policy

·       Dog matters (SW)

12. Updates to include:

(i)              Roads & Traffic & Footpaths

(ii)            Environment (JH/NS)

·       Alan Dodge memorial (JH)

      (iii) Street Lighting (IMR)

      (iv) Facilities & Funding (JA)

(v) Communications & Bulletin (AO/HD)

13. VPA update

14.  Dates for PC meetings 2016

15. Exchange of information

Date of Next Meeting: 11th January 2016


I Maher Roberts

CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts

4 Cliffe Drive,

Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY

01225 723036




Agenda Item 5 - PC Assets

Freshford Parish Council Report                                                                7th December 2015

                                                                                                                                      Martin Walker

Freshford PC Assets

All known assets have been inspected and condition reports have been prepared with recommendations for planned work and maintenance over the next 5 years. The recorded  assets  include:-

1. The five Notice Boards.

8. The Park Corner Pump

2. The Cemetery, gates, railings, shed and stone wall.

9. The two Freshford Station Signs

3. The Tyning War Memorial.

10. The five finger post direction signs and two SAC road signs.

4. The Pound next the Cemetery.

11. The iron railings opposite the Inn and tree protection railings.

5. The Tyning Field and Boundary Fences and Walls

12. The five Freshford plaques.

6. The seven timber Benches.

13. The “poor condition” Street Lamps 4,7,9 and 10.

7. The Stone Lion on High Street

14. The ten Millennium Stones



Pill Boxes and timber clad waste and grit bins to be inspected and recorded.

Notice Board Recommendations

Alternative quotations received for repair and improvement of Notice boards at High Street/Surgery (NB 001) Park Corner (NB002) and Midford Lane (NB003). Recommend that we proceed with repair and recoating of the existing Notice Boards without improved expensive weather proof rubber pinboards (approx. £240 for each notice board). Total budget cost for repair and recoating of the three Notice Boards on a like for like basis is £900 - £1,000 and no VAT.

Next Action

Complete list of Community Assets.

Consider uploading information to the Parish On-line mapping website. BANES Parish Online meeting on 9th December.

Obtain quotations for repair of village benches following discussion on ownership and “memorial plaques”.

To update five year planned maintenance budget spreadsheet of all Assets with priority rating ie “Essential” “Important” and “Desirable”

 Recommend  budgets for annual repair and maintenance of all Assets.

Lamp no. 7 on Laurel House.

Budget quotation received from Ironart to restore existing iron lamp bracket with white low brightness Edison screw lamp and Glass shade/dome. Proposal is that SSE disconnect and take down existing fitting, hand to Ironart for repair and adaption and then SSE refix and re-install. Quotation required for total SSE and Ironart works.

Tyning Wall Fracture.

To inspect and fix calibrated tell-tale to monitor any further movement.

Street sign Clutter - To inspect and record.

Agenda Item 8. Neighbourhood Planning – Report Hugh Delap

FFPC and LSPC Joint NP Implementation Committee

Having had a brief discussion with Peter Wyatt (Chairman of LSPC) I had thought to bring this proposal to the PC for discussion and decision. My thinking was based on the excellent working relationship that had been built during preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.  However, since then he has told me that he believes the time is not yet right for such a committee.  LSPC will decide what they want to do for Limpley Stoke (and they have already allocated money in the 2016/17 precept for ‘gateways’ at the edge of the village) and only later might they consider working with Freshford PC.


Neighbourhood Plan Report – Nick Stevens

In company with Cleo Newcombe Jones I met at the Galleries Café on the 12th November   with a delegation from Test Valley Borough Council (officers and councillors) to talk about Neighbourhood Planning. The delegation moved on into Bath in the afternoon for further discussion with B&NES planning officers. Graham Smith, Planning Policy Manager (TVBC) wrote subsequently:

Dear Cleo,

A quick note to say thank you for your time yesterday. All those present from TVBC found the day incredibly useful. Personally getting a gauge of the scale of the officer commitment to the process was certainly helpful (and a little worrying!). I’d be grateful if you could pass this on to your other BANES colleagues who attended and also Nick from the parish council.


The Inn at Freshford.

Application has been lodged with the Council for the Inn to be registered as a community asset. A decision is pending.

Agenda Item 11 - Memorial Benches Policy


Draft Policy for Provision of Memorial Benches in Public Open Spaces

Freshford Parish Council (FPC) will facilitate the purchase and placement of memorial benches in public open spaces owned or managed by FPC including the cemetery, the village green and other areas by agreement, where appropriate opportunities exist.


The provision and management of all seats and benches on all public open spaces owned or managed by FPC is the responsibility of FPC.

FPC has in the past received occasional requests from members of the public who wish to place a memorial bench within a public open space. These are often places with which individuals or families have a particular connection or special relationship. There is no legislative requirement for the provision of public or memorial benches although it is accepted that they provide a useful and valued public amenity.

In general in the past requests have been accommodated but procedures followed have varied over time. In most circumstances, people have purchased new benches. This approach, although generally accommodating to the family, has resulted in maintenance difficulties due to a wide range of bench styles being used, and ineffective recording of memorial bench information. This policy recognises the need for a consistent approach to the provision of memorial benches in public open spaces. A rationalisation of the range and quality of benches is  needed to avoid items which are onerous to maintain or have a poor life expectancy.

The policy therefore continues to welcome donations of suitable benches for appropriate locations in the public open spaces FPC owns and manages. The operating principles below will ensure that requests for memorial benches are responded to in an efficient  manner and will result in appropriate bench styles being purchased and installed in appropriate locations to ensure they are easy to maintain and not unduly prone to vandalism.

Operating principles

1. Only sites which do not already have a sufficient number of benches will be considered.

2. Suitable locations within the site where people are likely to make good use of the bench will be considered. These will be areas which lack any seating nearby or are at a likely stopping point such as a particular view or rest point on a path. In addition, the location will be chosen to minimise future maintenance and vandalism. Remote locations with poor access for maintenance and users will not be considered.

3. It is anticipated that the cemetery or the village green will be the most likely places for requests for memorial benches, but other requests will be assessed on an individual basis. On the village green, the number of memorial benches will be limited to six. This is maintain its rural feel and also to prevent the village green taking on the ambience of a dedicated memorial garden which may compromise the enjoyment of the space for general recreational activities.

4. A limited selection of suitable low maintenance standard designs for memorial benches will be available at a range of costs. The range of bench options with suggested prices is shown below. They have been chosen because their style is deemed to fit in with the local character and for their sturdiness and low maintenance design.

5. Occasionally a unique rather than standard bench design may be requested as a memorial. In these circumstances, details of the bench construction, materials, specifications and text will need to be submitted to FPC for approval to make sure they are suitable for use on public space. On approval the bench could then be installed at the expense of the purchaser in a location agreed with FPC. The agreement would be for the lifetime of the bench. Any maintenance or repairs for bespoke benches would be at the discretion of the installer. If the bench is not maintained and becomes unsightly or a hazard, and the individual at whose request it was installed is unwilling or unable to care for it, the FPC reserve the right to remove and dispose of it.

6. Purchase of a memorial bench will be for the expected life period of the bench only, after which time it will be removed and the site will become available to another potential purchaser for a new memorial bench. The cost will include the bench, plaque, installation and surfacing (if appropriate) and, as the benches should require minimal maintenance, there will be no additional cost for this.

To ensure installation is undertaken safely to the required standards, FPC will provide and install the memorial bench with surfacing if applicable in all cases.

7. The Council’s standards of maintenance will be accepted as keeping the bench fit for purpose and clean. This will involve occasionally removing built up algae and grime, removal of graffiti and repairing minor faults within resources available. The range of new benches has been chosen for durability without the need for regular painting or treatment.

8. The agreement between FPC and the purchaser of a memorial bench is for the lifetime of the bench. It will be for FPC to decide when a bench has come to the end of its useful life and at that point the purchaser will be contacted. The bench will be removed and if they wish the purchaser may take delivery of the bench at their own expense. Otherwise the plaque will be removed from the bench and delivered to them and the bench will be disposed of as FPC sees fit.

10. A standard written letter of agreement will be sent by FPC to the purchaser of a memorial bench to ensure all terms and conditions are clearly understood prior to purchase. The form will be returned to the Council with payment in advance of the memorial bench being placed. The standard form of agreement is shown below.

Memorial bench purchase procedure

Those interested in purchasing a memorial bench should contact FPC specifying a requested location and bench style chosen from the three examples, and stating the text that is to be be engraved on the plaque and send this by e-mail or post to the Clerk of FPC. FPC considers the requested location for the bench and decides, by applying the principles outlined above, whether a memorial bench is appropriate in this location. If the requested location is not suitable, the nearest alternative location will be offered. On agreement, a standard agreement letter is sent to the customer to confirm arrangements and request payment. When payment is received, FPC orders the purchase and installation of the memorial bench and ensures all information is recorded in the asset management system for future reference.

Council styles and current prices for installation of new memorial benches with plaques.

This includes the plaque, fitting and a contribution towards the cost of the bench.

NB All prices are valid for 2016 and may be subject to an annual change

Bronze plaque

[nb prices for a high quality teak or oak bench (the recommended materials for durability and longevity) will start at around £900 and in addition there will be the cost of a brass plaque plus ground fixing and any ground surface preparation to add onto this cost] The PC will need to budget for an annual check and clean of benches as in 7 above.

We might decide that one particular style is appropriate for use on the village green, with perhaps a different one for the cemetery.

Bench 1 (with plaque) £xxx inc VAT.

Bench 2 (with plaque) £xxxx inc VAT.

Bench 3 (with plaque) £xxxx inc VAT

Memorial bench agreement

to do

Agenda Item 12

Roads and Traffic updates.


Grit bins

I have raised two matters with Council Connect: (1) the replacement of the grit bin on Staples Hill – demolished in a road traffic accident and (2) that consideration be given to installing a new grit bin at the entrance (west side) to Pipehouse Lane. Local residents are in favour and have told me that in severe weather conditions they have had difficulty in getting out safely onto the A.36. The volume of construction traffic is making matters worse - deposits of mud etc – and the road surface is increasingly unstable.


Fingerpost Sign, Rosemary Lane

This sign was damaged by a TMF delivery vehicle on the 21st November. I am in contact with the Company who assure me that I can expect a reply to my enquiry any day now. I live in hope.


The High Street and junction.

A parking bay for the sole use of the surgery has now been marked out with white lines.


The PC was advised by B&NES Highways Department that the school zig zag yellow markings were to be refreshed as soon as possible. This has now been done – a little too enthusiastically in the eyes of some – with a generous application of yellow paint. The area defined for the school bus has more than doubled in size.


Resurfacing of the High Street and The Hill.

The surface condition of the road is inspected by Highways Engineers every 6 months. It will be re-surfaced when thought appropriate and when funding allows.


Crowe Lane pavement

The pavement will be made good. It has been included in the minor works programme for 2016.


Station Road.

Alison Creighton of Wessex Water has been in contact with the Parish Council to say that WW vehicles are having continuing problems in gaining unrestricted access to their site. In the latest incident a private vehicle was parked up in the road close to the station entrance making it almost impossible for other vehicles to get by. Discussions are continuing as to what might best be done to resolve this perennial problem.

For discussion.




Agenda Item 12 (iv) Facilities and Funding – John Adler


Police Matters

Nothing to report.


Memorial Hall

The playground area is in need of refurbishment.

The Hall is applying for use of some monies arising from the Pipehouse Nursery development Section 106 obligations to support this activity. The initial response from BANES is that this would, in principle, be acceptable under the formal green space enhancement element.

So as to meet insurance requirements, the external equipment will be formally inspected annually, with monthly inspections undertaken by Trustees.

The Car Park is in urgent need of repairs. Initial estimates are £1,000. Quotes are being provided but these unfortunately have not yet arrived.

It is proposed that these costs are split equally between each of the 4 stakeholders. Therefore the request to the PC is for in the region of £250. As £1,000 is an estimate, it would seem sensible to allow for a 20% variance, and request approval for up to £300.

Request That the PC agrees to provide up to £300 towards the car park repair costs. In the event of 25% of the costs being in excess of £300, then a further request will need to be put to the PC with justification.



The FLiSCA AGM was held on 23rd November at the Memorial Hall.

Malcolm Shirley (Chair) and Richard Blamey (Treasurer) were re-elected.

David Gwyther (Limpley Stoke PC) and John Adler (Freshford PC) agreed to continue in their roles as respective PC representatives.

Stephen Dawson, Orla Morrish and Chloe Alexander were re-elected, and Florence Rothman was elected as the other Trustee.

Malcolm Shirley has declared his wish to stand down and Mike Daniels was proposed to take over. Mike was elected as a Trustee and Chairman designate to take over in February 2016.

Agenda Item – 13 -  VPA Update – Report - Hugh Delap


The principal concerns of the VPA of recent months have been

·       (mostly for the eastern member parishes) the threatened Park & Ride on Bathampton Meadows. The consultation period was too short and the consultation material incomplete and badly assembled.  B&NES were inundated with objections and have put back making a decision

·       The reappearance of proposals to link the A36 with the A46 across the valley.  This was thrown out by the planning inspector in 1990 when it was to have been part of the works that include the Batheaston bypass.  The reasons for it being discarded still hold good: it would damage irreparably the setting of the World Heritage Site (WHS) that is Bath, and the Limpley Stoke Valley.  Also, figures show that the beneficial effect of the link would be very much less than its supporters argue.

The link would be part of the trunk road to the south coast which belongs to Highways England who have no plans for it. What is being considered (not yet by Highways England) and supported by Wiltshire and Dorset is an alternative route involving the trunking of the A350, southwards from Junction 17 on the M4.

Notwithstanding all of this, the MPs for both Bath and NE Somerset have written to the Chancellor of Exchequer pressing for funds to build the A36/46 link.  We find it hard to understand why Rees-Mogg would join with his Bath colleague to support a scheme opposed by his constituents. A small delegation (including me) is due to meet him on 11th December to find out and enlighten him.

Agenda Item 14 – Dates for PC meetings 2016


Monday 11th January 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 8th February 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 14th March 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 11th April 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Tuesday 26th April 2016 Annual Parish Meeting at 8pm

Monday 9th May 2016 Annual General Meeting at 7pm

Monday 13th June 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 11th July 2016 Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 8th August 2016 Parish council Meeting at 7pm TBC

Monday 12th September Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 10th October Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 14th November Parish Council Meeting at 7pm

Monday 12th December Parish Council Meeting at 7pm





NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



ON MONDAY 9th November 2015 AT 7.00PM



1.   Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

3.   Election of Chairman

4.   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 12th October 2015 (approval & matters arising)

5.   Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

6.  Finance and personnel

·       Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

·       Half year budget review

7. Planning Applications and Decisions

·       15/04485/FUL – Oleander Ashes Lanes - Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels on garage roof and in garden

·       15/04832/TCA – Stonewalls – Dark Lane - 1x Indian Bean - reduce height by 2 - 3 m

·       15/09814/FUL - Rose and Crown – Middle Stoke – Change of Use to a children’s nursery

8.  Correspondence Received

9.  Neighbourhood Planning (NS)

·       Application to register the Inn at Freshford as an Asset of Community Value

10.  PC Assets (MW)

11.  The Tyning Advisory Group (JH)

12. Procedural Standing Orders (NS)

13.   Streets, Grounds Maintenance

14. Updates to include:

(i)              Roads & Traffic & Footpaths

(ii)            Environment (JH/NS)

·       Alan Dodge memorial (JH)

·       Dog mess (SW)

      (iii) Street Lighting (IMR)

      (iv) Facilities & Funding (JA, PK)

(v) Communications & Bulletin (AO/HD)

15. Exchange of information

Date of Next Meeting: 14th December 2015


I Maher Roberts

CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts

4 Cliffe Drive,

Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY

01225 723036








Agenda Item 7

Freshford Parish Council     9 November 2015

Planning Application               Oleander    Ashes Lane     15/04485/FUL

1   This application is the first of two in respect of this property.  The owner wishes to make considerable improvements to make the house more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint and energy bills by 95%.  The property is in the Green Belt and AONB, but not in a Conservation Area.  (The second application not yet submitted, will deal with changes to the house itself).

2   This first application deals with the installation of solar panels.  Two installations are proposed.    

(1)  15 sqm would be installed on the south pitch of the garage roof.   These would not be visible from the adjacent parts of Ashes Lane, but could be seen from the bedrooms of the two neighbouring houses to the south.   They could just be seen from a short section of Ashes Lane to the south of Park Corner and across the valley.     

 (2) a much larger installation of 45 sqm of panels hidden behind two rows of espalier fruit trees set flat onto an existing bank in the garden.  The panels will be largely invisible in summer and winter through the two rows of fruit trees, from the only possible viewpoint across the valley.

2   The garage installation will require consent as it is situated in the AONB. The major test to apply will be the effect on  ‘visual amenity’ and this is stated to be answered in terms of their construction, the materials used and the impact they will have on the surrounding environment.  Some neighbouring houses already have solar panels on their roofs. 

3   The ground mounted panels in the garden require permission as they are within five metres  of the property boundary and are greater than nine sq metres.  They will however be hidden behind trees, and are situated close to the ground.  As detailed above, they will be largely invisible.

4   The applicant considers that the proposals fit well with the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan at paragraph 4.1.05 and 4.1.06.   These encourage renewable energy schemes within particular contexts and constraints and the scheme meets these criteria.  The proposals are also in line with the Cotswold AONB Renewable Energy Position Statement.

5   It is recommended that the proposals should be supported.


01 November 2015

Roger Paine


Agenda Item 10

Freshford Parish Council Report    1st November 2015

                                                             Martin Walker

Freshford PC Assets

All known assets have been inspected and condition reports have been prepared with recommendations for planned work and maintenance over the next 5 years. The recorded  assets  include:-

The five Notice Boards.

The seven timber Benches.

The Cemetery.

The Stone Lion on High Street.

The Cemetery Walls, Fences, Gates and Shed.

The Park Corner Pump.

The Tyning War Memorial.

The two Freshford Station Signs.

The Pound next the Cemetery.

The five finger post direction signs.

The Tyning Field and Boundary Fences and Walls

The “poor condition” Street Lamps 4,7,8,9 and 10.

The various Freshford plaques.

The iron railings opposite the Inn and tree protection railings.

Quotations awaited for repair of Notice boards at Park Corner, High Street/Surgery and Midford Lane,

Ownership and responsibility for maintenance of other assets need to be established and confirmed including:-Waste Bins and Dog Waste bins.  The FPC bins are as follows (information from Mandy Knowles):-

“The dog waste bin on the end of the Tyning, - New Rd/the High St corner end. That general/dog waste bin is on the corner section of turf.

The dog waste bin at the other end of the Tyning outside the top Cemetery gate.

The dog waste bin at the bottom of the hall entrance by the Hobb’s seat.

The dog waste bin that sits in the playing field. (not the recycling bin).

The waste bin that is outside the old post office/surgery, on New Rd junction.

The waste bin by the telephone box on the High St.

The bin on Ashes lane is owned (and was supplied) by BANES”

Next Action

Complete list of Community Assets.

Consider uploading information to the Parish On-line mapping website. 

Martin Walker

1st November 2015.


Agenda Item 12

Freshford Parish Council - Procedural Standing Orders

Ordinary Meetings of the Council.

1. The Annual Meeting of the Council shall ordinarily be held on the second Monday of May at 7 p.m.

2. The ordinary meetings of the Council shall ordinarily be held on the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. except for the month of August when no meeting is scheduled to take place.

3. Meetings of the Council will ordinarily take place at the in Freshford Village Memorial Hall.

4. Members of council have a duty to attend council meetings. 

Extraordinary Meetings of the Council.

1. The Chairman of the Council may at any time call an extraordinary meeting of the Council.

2. The full circumstances in which an extraordinary meeting of the Council may be called are as set out in Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972.

Notice of Meetings.

 Three clear days at least before a meeting of a parish council Notice of the time and place of the intended meeting shall be fixed in some conspicuous place in the parish and a summons to attend the meeting shall be sent to every member of council. Also, details of the meeting shall appear on the Freshford village website.

The Powers and Duties of the Chairman.

1. At a meeting of the Parish Council the chairman of the Council, if present, shall preside,

2. If the Chairman is absent the vice chairman, if present, shall preside,

3. If both are absent such councillor as the members of council present shall choose shall preside.

4. The person presiding at a meeting may exercise all the powers and duties of the Chair in relation to the conduct of the Meeting.


The Proper Officer of the Council

1. The Proper Officer of the Council is the Clerk to the Parish Council and also its Responsible Financial Officer.

2. It is the duty of the Clerk to advise as necessary or as requested on all matters of practice and procedure affecting the conduct of councillors and the discharge of council business.


Pecuniary and personal Interests.

1. Councillors are bound by the Code of Conduct published by Bath and North East Somerset Council (‘the Authority’) and in particular must fulfil the requirements of the law and of the Authority in registering their interests in the Register of Interests. This is a continuing requirement and places every councillor under a duty to notify the Authority of any material change in their circumstances. Full details of the Code can be accessed via this link:


 2. At the commencement of council meetings Councillors shall declare if they have any disclosable pecuniary interest in any item on the Agenda. Equally, if councillors become aware in the course of the meeting of their having a disclosable pecuniary interest in the matter(s) under discussion they should immediately declare that interest.

3. Where a pecuniary interest has been disclosed a councillor must not participate in the discussion of the matter or participate in any vote. This prohibition applies to any form of participation including speaking as a member of the public. A councillor who had declared a pecuniary interest should leave the room and remain outside until that business is concluded.

4. Other Interests. In addition to the requirements of the preceding paragraphs if a councillor attends a meeting at which any item of business is to be considered and becomes aware that they have a “non disclosable pecuniary interest or non-pecuniary interest” in that item then they should


 - make a verbal declaration of the existence and nature of that interest at or before the consideration of that item of business or as soon as the interest becomes apparent and

 - consider whether their participation in the consideration of that item of business would be reasonable, particularly if the interest may give rise to a perception of a conflict of interests in that item of business.

 - Where the councillor decides to withdraw from participation in the consideration of that item of business then they should act in accordance with Para 3 above.



Open Forum.

1. At each council meeting and as indicated by the Agenda there shall be set aside a period of no more than (15) minutes in Open Forum where members of the public in attendance  may raise any matter of interest or concern to them and which can properly be described as being of relevance to the council’s work and remit. Prior notice is not required to be given to the Clerk to the Parish Council but members of the public are encouraged to make early contact to ensure as far as possible the smooth conduct of the business of the meeting. The Chairman may at his discretion either extend or limit the allotted period of time having regard to the matter raised, the number of members of the public in attendance wishing to speak and the expeditious conduct of other council business to be determined in accordance with the Agenda.

2. No discussion on the matters raised shall ensue unless the Chairman either deems appropriate a brief clarification of the issues or the topic comes up later on the Agenda.

 3. Any matter raised may be the subject of further response in writing and/or deferred for consideration to a subsequent meeting of the Council.

4. Any request made by a member of the public in Open Forum for the Council to give ‘a preliminary view ’ on any matter will be declined if it conflicts with the duty placed on the council to not pre-judge any intended or likely application which will later fall to be determined by council either at this or a subsequent meeting of the council.

5. The Ward District Councillor is invited to attend all meetings of the parish council and may be invited by the Chairman to contribute information, guidance and advice on any matters relevant to the parish. The District Councillor has no vote and takes no part in the decision making process.


The photographing, recording, broadcasting or transmitting of council proceedings.

A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting of the parish council as it takes place if he is present at the meeting but may otherwise:

 - film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting;

- use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later;

- report or comment on the proceedings in writing during or after a meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.

These requirements are as set out in the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 as amended.



The conduct of Council business.

1. No business may be transacted at a meeting unless at least one-third of the whole number of members of the council is present. In no case shall the quorum of a meeting be less than three.

2.  All meetings of these councils are open to the public, except in limited defined circumstances. These councils can only decide, by resolution, to meet in private when discussing confidential business or for other special reasons where publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest. A decision to exclude the public must be accompanied by giving reasons.

3. If at any meeting there arises any question relating to the appointment, conduct, promotion, dismissal, salary or conditions of service of any person employed by the Council it shall not be considered until the Council has decided whether or not the public shall be excluded.

4. The order of business is as set out on the published Agenda. The Chairman may with the consent of councillors change the order in which the business is taken.

5. All remarks shall be addressed to the Chairman.

6. The key purpose of council meetings is to take decisions. This is done by vote of council members present. Councillors are asked to vote either for or against a motion. Councillors may abstain from voting but should do so only infrequently so as not to undermine the decision making process. The manner of voting shall be by a by a show of hands. On the requisition of any member of council the voting on any question shall be recorded so as to show whether each member present and voting gave his vote for or against that question.

7. In the case of an equality of votes the person presiding at the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

8. The business of the meeting shall ordinarily be concluded within 2 hours of commencement. At the discretion of the Chairman this may be extended by 30 minutes after which any business not transacted shall be carried over to the next meeting or such other dates as council may determine.

9. No person shall obstruct the transaction of business at a meeting or behave offensively or improperly. Where reason has failed the chairman of the meeting may take further steps to restore order or to progress the meeting. This may include temporarily suspending or closing the meeting.



Where the Standing Orders are silent the council may have regard to the current Model Standing Orders published by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and adopt or apply those Orders as it sees fit.



First draft: 07/10/15

Second draft: 02/11/15.


Agenda Item 13

Freshford Parish Council Report 9th November 2015 – Sue Wingrove


I have met Ian Croker and now have a clearer idea of what he does, which I can describe at the meeting. I am currently in touch with environmental services at B&NES and have asked them various questions about vacuum lorries, bin emptying, dog poo etc etc and am awaiting their response.I have also been  in touch with the B&NES dog wardens about poo.  Once I have this info I will have a better picture of how our street cleaning system works. I also await any feedback from The Bulletin. I will feed this into a doc which I aim to have ready before I meet with Patricia Vincent from B&NES on 17th Nov. But it would be good at decide at our meeting if we are generally happy with our street cleaning system, which is one of the main questions that she is asking.

I am investigating the seemingly complex situation regarding the bin and recycling bin on the playing field behind the memorial hall, and have been in touch with Claudia to gain information about the issue. Before I investigate possible solutions (and there are options), it would be good if we could decide whose responsibility these bins are? B&NES won't do them as they are not on council land. They are on land owned by the memorial hall, I believe, yet as far as I can see the waste and recycling are generated by the shop, which perhaps has a moral responsibility for the waste?. In addition the facilities of playing field and shop are used by the local community and these bins are undoubtedly a good thing. Could we perhaps come to a decision whereby the PC, the shop and the hall all decide to take joint responsibility for these bins and share the costs involved - which will probably therefore be modest considering this is such a key location in the village? If that were the case, I could crack on and get working on a possible solution. 

Ian Croker is happy to take bin bags down to the bin outside the car park by the bench - which B&NES do empty I think. 


The botanist is currently making a couple of clarifications, so I have not circulated this yet. When I do get it, can we put it on the pc's website, along with the earlier one, so that people can see it?

Agenda Item 14 (i)

Freshford Parish Council

Reports to Councillors.

Roads and traffic and footpaths. Updates.


In company with Hugh Delap we met with Stefan Chiffers, Highways Department, B&NES Council, on the 14th October. Copied out below is the email that I sent subsequently to SC setting out the substantive points covered in our discussions.

High Street Junction. The work has been completed and you were going to have a look to see the finished product. Some concerns have been expressed as to whether or not the revised layout will achieve its main purposes: to reduce vehicle speed and improve pedestrian safety at that point. The PC will continue to monitor the position.

Parking for Doctors’ Surgery. We agreed that there should be marked out with white lines (close to the old Post Office on the High Street) a parking bay for the exclusive use of doctors practising at the Surgery. You were going to have a look at this with a view to authorising the necessary work to take place as soon as practicable.

Crowe Lane footpath. We have raised this with Nick Sperring on a number of occasions and he was going to have a look at it and then get back to us. It is right on the boundary with Limpley Stoke but just on the Freshford side. You said that you would speak to Nick and get back to us. Update: yesterday Hugh and I inspected the site and can confirm that some remedial work has been done – apparently within the last two weeks - by installing new kerb stones. From the attached photos you will see that there remains a length of unmade pavement by the field gate. It would be of considerable help to pedestrians if this section could also be made good. Given its present state, pedestrians tend to step out in the road at this vulnerable point – it is on a blind bend – to avoid the mud and grass.

Re-Surfacing The Hill/ High Street. The PC has received a number of complaints about the poor surface. You told us that this was a matter under Nick Sperring’s control and that all road surfaces were checked on a 6 month basis and remedial work approved to be done when appropriate. We take it that a schedule of any works deemed necessary must be prioritised and fall within the allocated budget for the financial year. Since speaking with you it has come to our attention that the existing ‘Keep Clear’ markings on The Hill are also badly faded (see attached photo) and in consequence the old problems of obstructive car parking have once more come to the fore. From memory we think that three ‘Keep Clear’ messages were painted in parallel on the road surface along that stretch of road.

Signage. We will conduct a comprehensive review of signage with a view to getting rid of any out-dated or unnecessary clutter. We will map the signage and take photos to assist in identification and then send a report to you.

Rosemary Lane. Environ (the Company developing the Mill site) have agreed in principle with the Highways Department to a) ensure that vehicles exiting the site are ‘swept’ right so that access to Rosemary Lane is denied them and b) that work will be carried out at the Abbey Lane/Rosemary Lane junction will be effected to ensure so far as possible that Rosemary Lane is not used to gain access to the Mill but that traffic is directed through the village on its primary roads to the Mill site. You will check to see what planning conditions, if any, attach to the Permission in this regard. Provision is made in the Task Register for a feasibility study to take place to examine what other measures may be put in place to make sure that Rosemary Lane does not suffer from an unwelcome and inappropriate increase in through traffic. We talked also of the possibility of us carrying out a count of vehicle movements along the Lane and its associated roads to get a clearer picture of current usage and which we could then use as a base for seeing whether or not there is a significant increase once the Mill site is completed and inhabited. 

I think that this covers all the main points and I would be grateful if you would let me know if you agree the general content and let me have any observations you might wish to make.




Agenda Item 14 (iv)

Freshford Parish Council Report - November 2015 -  Peter King

Galleries Shop and Cafe

Galleries Management Group meeting - September 2015

Shop and Cafe Manager(s)

The new Shop Manager, Dallas Crook, joined in August.  He has considerable retail experience and also catering experience.  He has gone about the task of learning the business in a very systematic way and has already identified a number of areas for improvement:

Simplification of supplier base and elimination of overlaps

Simplification of the ordering and goods inwards processes enabling more frequent, smaller orders, lower stockholdings and freeing up time for other tasks

Introduction of a simple daily cashing-up routine and regular stocktakes will provide more accurate margin information

Renegotiation of the contract with our main bread and pastry supplier could produce significant savings

New display area next to the oven, creating considerable space on the shelves, including for a new pet food selection

Alessandro Ventricelli has been appointed Assistant Manager (Café)


Cheyenne, the new Café Apprentice joined in October and has made a very promising start.

Management Structure

 The new unified structure should bring some substantial benefits:

there are potential quick wins from closer cooperation between Shop and Cafe

opportunities for “cross-trading” between Shop and Cafe

labour cost savings from managing the operation as a single business

Dallas is seeking to establish the flexibility to open for weekend lunches; when we do this he also plans to keep the shop open. He is not counting on volunteers for either operation.


The current view is that the planned upgrade to the current system should meet the requirement.


The Accounts for last financial year will be presented at the FLiSCA Annual General Meeting on 23rd November

Volunteers’ Meeting

A very successful Volunteers’ Meeting and Buffet Supper took place in the School on 28th October. 

Briefings by Stephen Dawson, Chairman of Galleries Management Group and Dallas Crook (Shop and Café Manager) explained how the Shop has been ‘flat-lining’ for the last few months, while the Café has increased turnover quite markedly over the last year.  Unfortunately, these gains have been more or less wiped out by increased overheads, particularly in the form of paid staff.  However, the appointment of Assistant Manager Emily Wollacott has paid off handsomely as she has contributed greatly to stability of the business during the change of Shop Manager and Café Manager. 

 The appointment of Dallas Crook as Shop Manager is providing a much more professional basis for the business, particularly in stocking, pricing and margin control.  Dallas briefed the Volunteers on his plans to overcome these problems and also set out some incentives for volunteers, some dependent on increasing the margins sufficiently to give targeted discounts.  In the meantime ‘sustenance’ during shifts will be provided to volunteers.   So, generally speaking, the business is in reasonable shape going forward.

Volunteers’ Party

After the business of the meeting was concluded a delicious buffet was provided by the management team under guidance of the Manager and the Café leader (Alessandro Ventricelli) with suitable libations and a very jolly (and revealing!) quiz organised by Florence Rothman, based on Hard-to-Believe Events in the lives of many (26) Volunteers’.  This proves that Freshford is home to some very unusual people with a great deal to offer – so no surprise there!   Clarrie Grundy from the Archers seems to have been the star of the show!