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PC Agenda for meeting 9th May 2016

posted 8 Mar 2016, 05:50 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 3 May 2016, 08:54 ]


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)




1. Election of Chairman

2. Election of Vice Chairman

3. Apologies for Absence

4. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

5. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 11th April and 26th April (approval & matters arising)

6. Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

7. Finance and personnel

Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

Receive internal audit of Accounts to year end 31st March 2016

8. Correspondence Received

9. Planning Applications and Decisions

16/0121/FUL - The Cottage, Pipehouse Lane, Freshford - Erection of 1no. detached dwelling with access and associated works.

16/01874/TCA – Freshford Cemetery – Proposed tree works

16/01875/FUL  - Beech Cottage, Station Road, Freshford. Erection of single storey extension to the side of the property.

16/01912/FUL - The Toll House, Crowe Lane, Freshford. Erection of single storey rear extension to provide a garden room.

16/01970/UL 16/01971/LBA - Brae Cottage, Rosemary Lane, Freshford, Bath. Replacement of single storey side extension and internal alterations to kitchen

10. Neighbourhood Planning (NS/AO)

11. Councillors areas of responsibility

12. Upcoming external meetings.

Parishes Liaison Meeting 11.05.2016 and Bathavon Forum 22.06.2016

13. The Tyning (SW/JH)

14. PC Assets

Street Bench policy ratification (SW)

15. Updates to include:

Roads & Traffic (NS)

Trees & Footpaths (JH)

Street Lighting

Facilities & Funding (JA)

Communications (AO/PK) 

16. The Village Fete 11th June 2016 

17. Exchange of information 

       Date of Next Meeting: 13th June 2016


Agenda Item 9 – Planning Applications and Decisions – Roger Paine

Planning Application    16/01219/FUL   New detached house at The Cottage Pipehouse Lane

This Application seeks approval to the building of a two storey detached house in the garden of The Cottage Pipehouse Lane.  The land is in the Green Belt, and in the AONB, but not in a Conservation Area.   The owner of The Cottage wishes to provide a home for his daughter and her family,  who have  been unable to buy or rent such accommodation in Freshford where she works, and has been brought up since childhood.  Under this proposal, the daughter would buy and move into the existing semi detached house, whilst the applicant would move into the new house built in the garden of The Cottage.  It is stated that the existing house would be sold to the daughter at less than market price, so making it ‘affordable’.          

Such a transaction would not of itself make The Cottage an ‘affordable home’ in the Housing Regulations sense of that category.  A domestic family sale and purchase arrangement, would not carry any obligation for The Cottage to be  an ‘affordable home’ in the future.    Therefore whilst this proposal would provide a home for the applicant’s daughter, it would not add to the stock of affordable homes in Freshford. 

Pipehouse Lane is a narrow ‘country lane’ with houses of varying styles and ages. The land rises steeply up to the A36, and this house is the last on the right hand side walking up to the main road. The garden in question is steep and this new house would be built further up the hill.

This site is within the Southern Settlement Area in the Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan; limited infilling could be supported within such an area in terms of one, but probably no more than two dwellings.  This proposal meets the policy objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The site is in the Green Belt, and development would only be supported in very special circumstances.

In September last, the Council supported an application to build in the garden of a larger house at Greenacre, on the corner of Warminster Road and Midford Lane.  This was not associated with any affordability issues, and the new house was to be of one storey, on a flat plot, on the corner of a major trunk road.  The proposed new build was smaller than that at The Cottage.

A considerable number of responses to the consultation have been received from residents in Freshford and elsewhere. Many of these comments concern the process of providing accommodation for a family member, rather than the specific building proposal in the application.   In terms of the immediate locality in Pipehouse Lane, five responses have been received; two give comments, two support the application, and one is an objection.  In addition comments have been received by Councillors expressing various concerns.

These comments have tended to cover three main areas.    The Lane is very narrow, shaded with trees and hedgerows, and represents the Somerset countryside at its best – development will undermine this attractiveness;  the development will lead to   more traffic, especially for building and other contractors which could destroy hedgerows, hedges and trees,  and create a mud track; this proposal will cause a significant precedent which could lead to further development in other large gardens along the Lane up to the main road.

Under the terms of the Neighbourhood Plan any proposal must comply with the Villages Design Statement in terms of the style of the building and materials used. If this proposal were to be agreed such compliance would be expected and in addition, contractors and any other tradesmen involved in development must be required to keep traffic movements, parking and potential damage to the road or verges to an absolute minimum.  As in previous applications, the Council would not expect this case to be used as any form of precedent.

The Parish Council are recommended to submit these comments to B&NES.

Planning  Application  Beech Cottage Station Road Freshford 16/01875/FUL

This proposal provides for a single storey extension, replacement and extension of the garage, installation of two dormer windows, replacement of two windows with glazed doors, and general alterations to windows and internal structures.   This will provide an upgrade to a modern detached property. The property is in the Green Belt, AONB, and Conservation Area.

The changes planned will coordinate with the existing house and provide modern living spaces proportionate to the original build.

3The increase in volume space arising from these proposals is about 9%, which together with previous additions to the original build make a total of about 23%;  this is within the guideline of about one third that the Council considers appropriate in a Green Belt setting.

The Council will wish to ensure that the overall design together with materials used, sit well with the existing house, as set out in the Villages Design Statement in the Neighbourhood Plan.   Whilst the house is in a fairly isolated position with regard to near neighbours, it can be seen from various vantage points across the valley, and Station Road.  In the consultation process, some neighbours have commented on the design of the replacement garage, and it has now been reduced in size.  In addition roof tiles on the whole house are to be replaced so that the enlarged home better fits into the landscape.

The house is in a narrow lane, and off Station Road, which is itself narrow and sometimes liable to be congested with cars going to the station, or parked.  Contractors and other suppliers must be limited in number, and parked well away from the road.  Conditions should be applied to enforce this aspect.

It is recommended that the Application is supported, with the comments above.

3 May 2016

Agenda Item 14 - Freshford PC Assets – Martin Walker

Notice Boards

Notice boards have been taken away for repair. All repairs will be completed shortly.

Memorial Benches

Future repair and maintenance policy to be agreed.

Contractor has removed the “Mrs Trail” dilapidated bench on the Tyning. Decision awaited on replacement bench

Lamp no. 7 on Laurel House. 

The lamp has been removed and is with Ironart for repair and redecoration. Ironart will also source a new glass bowl and then hand back to SSE for reinstallation.

Tyning Wall Fracture and Cemetery Wall 

Work  completed. Fracture to repointed High Street wall to be monitored to see if there is any further movement.

Freshford Railway Station “Running In” Boards

The broken “FRESHFORD” letters on the Platform to Bath/Bristol have been removed for repair. Thanks to Roland Birchby. 

Update awaited on Conservator’s repairs to the board on the Platform to Bradford on Avon

Street sign Clutter

Photographic record and survey has completed. Report to be completed and presented.

Other Asset Proposals for 2016

Other proposals for Asset repair during 2016 include:

Replacement/repair of other benches on Dark Lane, The Tyning, outside Village Hall etc.

Cemetery maintenance to vegetation and Freshford Lane stone wall.

Removal of ivy to the Crowe Lane finger post sign. (part completed)

Village Hall Drainage update.

There are two issues:

The Village Hall site 

Mann Williams are instructed and site investigations have commenced as part of the proposed long term scheme.  The information on Parish Online has been helpful in locating main underground services, geology, contours etc. The Galleries shop as built Building files (thanks to Ray Benfield) have also provided useful construction and site information. The Mann Williams report is awaited.

Water from the pond at the bottom of Wheat Paddock 

Work has now been completed. Further investigations were carried out in an attempt to locate the pond outlet. No outlet was found. A new underground drain has been installed to connect the pond to the adjacent Village Hall car park yard gulley. This gully now discharges water into the cattle drinking trough before entering the Freshford Lane open ditch and then into the main public surface water sewer located further down Freshford Lane. 

Martin Walker,   May  2016.


Agenda Item 15 - Roads and traffic update. – Nick Stevens

Station Road. I have yet to receive any drawings/plans for the new proposed layout for the Station car park. Alison Creighton of Wessex Water tells me that B&NES Highways Department has drawn up proposals and submitted them for initial comment to Great Western Railway. She has undertaken to chase this up and send me details.

High Street Junction. I have yet to hear back from Councillor Anthony Clarke Re: complaint of the ‘damage’ caused to the junction surface by the BT works. I will follow this up and hopefully have further news by the time of the PC Meeting.

Rosemary Lane – water leak. Highways Inspector Nick Sperring has alerted Wessex Water to the problem and will let me know how matters progress.

Public Transport.

The No. 94 bus service. 10,000 responses were received by Wiltshire Council to the consultation on subsidised bus services throughout Wiltshire. The indications are that a final decision will be taken in the Autumn. 


The new shelter has been installed at the Station and looks splendid. We will examine further better provision for parking bikes – the new installation only allows for one bike to be locked to the rail.

Agenda Item 15 – Facilities and Funding – John Adler

Police Matters

The election for a PCC (Police and Crime Commissioner) is on Thursday 5 May 2016. This is an important role as the key responsibilities include:

Appointing the Chief Constable and holding them to account

Setting the police objectives

Setting the budget and precept

Representing the communities’ interests

Previously the role within Avon & Somerset has been held by an independent person not affiliated with any political party.

Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall was notified of the agreement at the last PC meeting in April.

The Memorial Hall submitted the application for the Section 106 funds to BANES. The exact process of administering this fund needs to be formalised.


The FLiSCA board meeting raised the following points:

Gwyneth Knight is now representing Limpley Stoke PC

The Galleries café is looking to expand their offerings

It was confirmed that £1,500 will be provided between the Galleries and FLiSCA as requested towards the car park repair investigation

A separate water issue, related to the car park, has arisen. The funding of further activities will be considered following clarification of responsibilities with 3rd parties, including Freshford PC and BANES.

The timing of the Grants process will change to run from the start of September to mid-October.

Grant of £240 was agreed for Limpley Stoke Boules Club.

Agenda Item 15 – Communications – Andrew Orme

For information:

For anyone who was unable to attend the Annual Parish Meeting on 26th April 2016, the following documents are now available to view in the village website.

Chairman’s Report and Tyning Update presentation

Responsible Financial Officer’s Report

Income and Expenditure Report

Gaps have been filled in The Bulletin Archive, making it a priceless resource for future local historians. The first three editions that were produced under the editorship of Hugh Delap have been added. In addition, Stuart Campbell has kindly provided copies of even earlier editions of The Bulletin, from the days when it was issued as and when the need arose rather than quarterly as at present. These have also been added to the village website, taking the story back to May 2006.