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PC Agenda 9th April 2018 + Reports

posted 4 Apr 2017, 08:38 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 4 Apr 2018, 14:53 ]

NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)

You are invited to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in Freshford Village Hall on Monday 9th April 2018 at 7.00pm


1.     Welcome and Apologies for Absence

2.     Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th March 2018

4.     Open Forum

5.     Finance and Personnel:

6.     Payments and receipts.

7.     Correspondence received

8.     Planning Applications:

·      18/01166/TCA Laurel House, Station Road. Fruiting cherry tree, Trim Crown laurel hedge – Removal and replan with yew hedge.

·      17/05741/LBA Ivythorpe bathroom renovation

·      18/01402/FUL Rosemary House, Church Lane 3 car garage

9.     Decision Notifications/Further News

·      17/05969/FUL Avonlea House: Permit

·      18/00216/FUL The Hive, Pipehouse Lane: Permit

·      17/06106/FUL Hinton House helipad: Site visit 3rd April, DMC 11th April

·      17/04322/LBA Peipards Farm: Permit

·      17/04323/LBA Peipards Farm: Consent

·      18/00630/TCA Clearing Tyning view – No objection

10. Update on ex-Clerk (AO)

11. Appointment of temporary Responsible Financial Officer

12. Agreement to change passwords on bank and email accounts

13. Approval of Budget for 2018/19

14. Migration of the Community Database to MailChimp (TM)

15. Update on preparation for the Annual Parish Meeting (All)

16. Land behind The Glebe – discussion (JH)

17. Commitment to support Village Fête – 9th June

18. Consideration of proposal to site bench by bus stop near Hall car park entrance

19. Review of MOU between FPC and FVMH

20. Update on temporary closure of Freshford Surgery (AO)

21. External Meetings:

·      VPA Highways Sub Committee, ? (NS)

·      Bathavon South Forum, 11th April (JA)

·      Parish Liaison Meeting, 30th May (AO)

·      Bath Preservation Trust, ? (RP)

22. Exchange of Information

23. (Private session) New Clerk Recruitment (PK, JA)

24. Date of Next Meeting: 14th May 2018   



Chairman’s Report


Freshford Surgery


Following a ‘health and safety’ inspection, the Beckington Family Practice has had to close the Freshford surgery temporarily while remedial works are carried out. During the temporary closure a limited service for requesting and collecting prescriptions will be provided at the Galleries shop. I have offered, on behalf of FPC, to help the Practice with communicating information about the temporary closure to the community, using the Community Database and PC notice boards.


Freshford and Limpley Stoke Fête


Limpley Stoke PC has queried the fact that all proceeds from the Fête go to Freshford Village Hall and none to Limpley Stoke Village Hall. The Freshford Hall is, of course, the community hub defined in our joint Neighbourhood Plan and serves both Freshford an d Limpley Stoke residents. I have responded to LSPC saying that it is too late to change things for this year: much work has already been done by volunteers and sponsors have been signed up on the understanding that proceeds will be going to the Freshford Hall. However, if a team of enthusiastic volunteers from Limpley Stoke were to come forward at the beginning of the planning cycle for next year’s Fête they would be welcomed and the combined community could hope for a bigger and even more successful event in the future.


Memorandum of Understanding between Freshford Village Memorial Hall and FPC


This was agreed four years ago and is now due for renewal. I propose that we agree to renew it, subject to some revision of the permitted usage by FPC. In particular, FPC will be liable for costs of running by-elections in future. The potential use of the Hall as a polling station should not be charged to FPC. Other councillors may have further comments. A copy of the current agreement will be circulated.


Proposed bench serving bus stop near Hall car park entrance


Maryann Cohen has proposed asking FLiSCA for funding for a bench and is asking for FPC comments. Councillors will need to consider the specification of the bench and its base, the location, the ownership of the site, liaison with B&NES Highways, any financial contribution that might be required, who might be responsible for ongoing maintenance etc. Councillors have already seen Maryann’s emails on the subject.

Planning application notes  9 April 2018


Ivythorpe Church Hill  17/05741/LBA

This application provides for the conversion of an existing family bathroom into two new smaller shower rooms, in a changed first floor internal arrangement with new stud walling.  The application is very short and does not provide much detail.   As an internal change to a listed building,  consent is required.   The Parish Council will expect the detail of the Villages Design Statement in respect of listed buildings  to be followed in the work carried out.                                                    Recommendation: Comments submitted as above.


Rosemary House  Church Lane  18/01402/FUL

Erection of a three car garage, following demolition of a summer house.

The Council has previously supported an application for the construction of a new detached house in the garden of Rosemary House;  permission was granted in 2016  (16/03319/FUL).     At that time an already existing summerhouse in the garden remained as part of the new building proposal, which also included parking spaces for three cars.        It is now proposed to demolish the summerhouse and build a new three car garage.  It is stated that this new garage will be of a similar mass and volume to the existing summerhouse being removed;  it will be further to the northeast on the site.   The previously agreed drive will be extended to provide access to the garage.  The three original parking spaces will remain.    In terms of building in the Green Belt, it appears unlikely that any volume changes issues will apply, and this replacement building will not further jeopardise the openness of the site.  In terms of materials and building style the Council will expect the Villages Design Statement to be followed.   Contractors’ traffic must also be carefully controlled and minimised.       Recommendation: Support.


2 April 2018

Parish Council Communications,
4 Apr 2018, 09:35