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PC Agenda 12th June 2017 + Reports

posted 4 Apr 2017, 08:38 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 5 Jul 2017, 14:02 ]

NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)

You are invited to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in Freshford Village Hall on Monday 10th July 2017 at 7.00pm


1.       Welcome and Apologies for Absence

2.       Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3.       Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th June

4.       Open Forum

5.       Finance

6.       Correspondence Received

7.       Planning Applications and Decisions

17/02680/FUL Hayes Cottage, Midford Lane: Erection of single storey front extension, two storey rear extension and general refurbishment works.

17/02832/FUL Rosemead, The Orchard: Erection of single storey rear extension, etc.

17/01208/FUL Avonlea House: Erection of single storey extension. Decision Notification: Refused by B&NES at Committee.

17/02925/TCA Abbotsleigh Sharpstone Lane: Reduce canopy of beech tree by approximately 5m

8.     To discuss what might be expected of FPC in the event of an emergency in our area.

9.     To give further consideration to potential additional councillors.

10.  To receive an update on The Hill Pedestrian Safety scheme

11.  To receive an update on developments at FLiSCA

12.  To discuss ways of dissuading through traffic, especially when using satnav, from using Rosemary Lane.

13. To receive a report on the Memorial Hall.

14. To receive a report on the Vodaphone Mast.

15. External Meetings:

·         Parishes Liaison Meeting – 12th July (AO)

·         VPA Highways Sub Committee – 26th September (NS)

·         ALCA - 28th September (AO)

·         Bathavon South Forum – 20th July (JA)

·         Bath Preservation Trust – tbc (RP)


16.   Exchange of Information

17.   Date of Next Meeting: 11th September 2017 Unless an additional meeting is required in August - if so the provisional date is 14th August. 

Additional Papers for Meeting on 10th July 2017

Accompanying information for Agenda item 7: Planning Applications and Decisions

Hayes Cottage, Midford Lane Planning Application: 17/02680/FUL

1         Hayes Cottage is a three-bedroomed detached house in Midford Lane backing on to open countryside (built about 1955).   There are detached dwellings to the north and east. The site is in the Green Belt and AONB, but not in a Conservation Area.  Pre-application advice has already been sought, and comments received at that stage have been taken into account in the proposals now submitted.

2         The present house is in need of considerable renovation and modernisation to bring it up to current requirements. The design provides for a complete internal refurbishment with a single storey porch extension to the front of the property.  At the rear, a larger full width extension is proposed.  This will be of two storeys in the centre, but only one storey at each side of the central structure.  The windows of the existing building will be replaced, some being enlarged.  The roof will be insulated and new services provided.

3         In accordance with the approved Neighbourhood Plan, all materials, structures and the design must meet the requirements of the Villages Design Statement, in terms of appropriateness in this location, and in the context of adjacent buildings.  

4         Some bedrooms will have balconies and issues of overlooking have been raised.  On one side, there is an open area with derelict farm buildings and some mature trees. It is stated that the owner of this land intends to plant this as an orchard, and so overlooking towards occupied residential buildings is likely to be minimal.

5         The size of the extension is stated to represent a volume increase of about 33%, which is line with guidelines for such building in the Green Belt. It seems unlikely that an extension of this size, in this location, will cause the openness of the Green Belt to be jeopardised.  

6         It is recommended that the above comments be submitted as a response, but noting the issue of potential overlooking, which may be commented upon by neighbours.

Roger Paine

1st July 2017


Rosemead 4 The Orchard Freshford. Planning Application 17/02832/FUL

The description for this application is:

‘Erection of single storey rear extension, front porch and shed behind garage. Install 3 no. skylights to front elevation’

Rosemead forms part of a development of four similar detached dwellings constructed in the 1970s. The Orchard is a private cul-de-sac off The Hill and located between St Peters Church and the Inn.

The existing 1970’s property is generally in its original form. The conservatory to the west may have been constructed later. The BANES Planning Portal records no works requiring planning permission with the exception of this application.

Rosemead is sited in the Eastern Settlement of Freshford as defined in the Neighbourhood Plan and within the Freshford and Sharpstone Conservation Area. Furthermore, Rosemead lies within the defined Green Belt and the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The proposed works have little impact to the existing front north and side elevations with the exception of replacement windows in white upvc and three roof skylights. To the rear it is proposed to construct a new south facing single storey extension to provide extended living space to the ground floor only. The proposed external materials are in keeping and sympathetic to the original 1970’s construction.

Rosemead sits on a raised site above the adjacent properties on The Hill and in particular close to the adjacent dwelling Fairclose to the south. The proposed extension may create an issue with some overlooking.

The proposed construction works and access to the site will have an impact on properties nearby and all disturbance should be controlled and kept to a minimum. Any comments from near neighbours should be taken into account. There are no such comments to date on the BANES Planning Portal.

It is recommended that the Council supports this application and also provides comments referred to in this report.

Martin Walker

 2nd July 2017


Accompanying information for Agenda item 10: To receive an update on The Hill Pedestrian Safety scheme


1. At its meeting held on the 12th June councillors further reviewed their earlier decision to support the Option 2 proposal incorporating a single yellow line parking restriction and after hearing further representations from local residents came to the view:

“that the current solutions proposed made the parking situation worse: but they would explore whether marginal improvements to the pavements could be achieved without compromising parking.”

2. Since the meeting I have spoken again with Stefan Chiffers of the Highways Department to explore further if a scheme can be put forward which improves pedestrian safety while not restricting the informal parking arrangements which have operated for many years. The main points which we agreed are:

·         that the Option 2 proposal could still be implemented in part with the proviso that the grass verge outside Fairclose Farmhouse be retained. The pavement to end at the point where the new vehicular garage access is constructed.

·         there will be no further restrictions of on street parking introduced as integral to the implementation of the scheme.

·         There will be no additional signing improvements but existing road markings will be restored (and see below for further details).

3. For this revised scheme to be approved it will be essential l for it to be endorsed by District Councillor Neil Butters. To that end I have spoken with Neil and he will be pleased to lend his support. I propose that if this Report is accepted by Councillors it is sent to Neil who will lodge it with the Highways Department together with his letter of endorsement.

4. For this to succeed I think it necessary for us to address each of the four main components of the Option 2 scheme identified in the Feasibility Study and to explain why we believe each of those components should either be supported or revised or dropped. This is set out below.


The Feasibility Study.

B&NES Council commissioned the Study to investigate whether pedestrian improvements could be carried out along The Hill, Freshford between Station Road and the Inn Public House to enhance road safety for all road users along this part of the village.

The scope of the report was to:

·         Investigate existing conditions at the site

·         Discuss scheme components and any issues identified with implementation of the scheme

·         Evaluate options

·         Provide associated costs and make recommendations.

The Study put forward two options and of the two recommended that Option 2 be pursued. The aim of the Option 2 proposal was to ensure that a pedestrian route is maintained along The Hill free of any obstructions so that pedestrians could walk safely between the village and The Inn Public House. The Parish Council subsequently agreed that Option 2 was the more realistic and practical of the two schemes and that it provided a firm basis on which to hold further discussion.

The four main components of the Option 2 scheme are:

·         Upgrading of the existing footway currently located on the north-eastern side of the carriageway between The Old House and Weavers Cottage.

·         Conversion of the existing verge located outside Fairclose into a new section of footway.

·         Restriction of on street parking to maintain pedestrian access

·         Signing improvements.

It is these four components which the Parish Council wishes to address in turn.


Upgrading of the existing footway currently located on the north-eastern side of the carriageway between The Old House and Weavers Cottage.


Further details are set out in Appendix D of the Study. The upgrade includes:

·         A section of new footway between Jasmin Cottage and Hill House.

·         The renewal of existing kerbs and the footway to be overlaid to new levels on the section of pavement from The Orchard to opposite Weavers Cottage.

·         Mobility crossings (dropped kerbs) constructed at two points – at the junction of The Orchard and to cross the road by Hill House

·         A new footway outside Fairclose Farmhouse (but see below)

Subject to the comments below of the PC on the new footway outside Fairclose Farmhouse the Parish Council support work being done to upgrade the pavement and believe that it will be of tangible benefit to pedestrians and in particular that the mobility crossings will be of benefit to disabled users and to those with push chairs and buggies.


Conversion of the existing verge located outside Fairclose into a new section of footway.


Taking account of the strong reservations expressed by local residents the PC is of the view that the existing grass verge outside Fairclose should be retained as a distinctive and visually attractive feature of the local landscape on entering the village.

The Study fails to take account of the fact that planning permission has been granted in respect of Fairclose Farmhouse (Ref: 16/04616FUL) for the erection of a new garage and vehicular access and that construction work is soon to start on site. In so far as a new section of footpath is to be constructed from a point opposite Weavers Cottage the PC think it should extend only so far as the new vehicular access to Fairclose and no further.

 Restriction of on street parking to maintain pedestrian access


The PC believe that there should be no further parking restrictions of on street parking along this stretch of The Hill. Parking space is at a premium throughout the village and any further parking restrictions will only serve to move the problem elsewhere – and potentially to a more dangerous and hazardous spot.

 It is clear from the representations received from local residents that in recent months and particularly at weekends road side parking in this part of the village has increased to such an extent that parking is taking place on a regular basis from by the Inn all along the road towards Staples Hill as customers for the Inn and day walkers seek to find somewhere to park.

Signing improvements.


The PC does not wish to see further signs put in place. It thinks it unnecessary given the more limited scope of the revised scheme and in coming to this view takes account also of the wish of residents expressed in the Neighbourhood Plan that road signage be reduced and avoided wherever possible.

However, the PC does in this instance suggest that the existing Keep Clear road markings (just down from The Old House) be renewed. At present the markings are barely visible and it would be of benefit to this scheme if they are once again operational.


In summary, the Parish Council support the implementation of a revised Option 2 scheme which will:

·         Provide tangible benefits to pedestrians

·         Preserve the grass verge outside Fairclose.

·         Not further restrict car parking

·         Not increase road signage.

The PC invites B&NES Council to accept and implement the revised scheme.

Nick Stevens

17th June 2017.


Received from Tasos Papaloucas, Senior Engineer, B&NES Highways Department on 28th June 2017

Dear Neil and Nick


I am writing further to the above report from Freshford Parish Council (FPC) concerning the footway improvements along the Hill. I have discussed this report with Stefan and I have included below comments on the four components listed by FPC:

  1. Upgrading of the existing footway currently located on the north-eastern side of the carriageway between The Old House and Weavers Cottage

·         Existing pavement between The Orchard and Weavers Cottage – The renewal of the existing kerbs and surfacing of the footway to be progressed as proposed.

·         Mobility crossing at The Orchard – To be progressed as proposed.

·         Mobility crossing by Hill House and short section of new footway between Jasmin Cottage and Hill House – These will not be progressed as originally proposed. During a recent Scheme Assessment Meeting (this is a meeting held monthly with Council officers to assess a number of schemes) it was agreed that installing a mobility crossing close to Hill House would be unsafe due to its proximity to the adjacent boundary wall. This together with the current road layout would restrict visibility for those waiting to cross and drivers approaching the crossing point. Instead, it was agreed that the level of the existing footway on both sides of the road is lowered but no tactile paving is installed to create a crossing point where the footway currently ends.

  1. Conversion of the existing verge located outside Fairclose

·         Agreed – The existing footway between The Orchard and Weavers Cottage is to be reconstructed and will tie into the vehicular access which is currently being constructed at Fairclose but it will not extend beyond this point, so the existing verge will remain intact.

  1. Restriction of on-street parking

·         Agreed – No further restrictions will be imposed.

  1. Signing improvements

·         Agreed – No further signs are to be erected. The existing Keep Clear road markings are to be renewed.

I will now be liaising with our term contractor (Skanska) to agree a works programme with them. They have already confirmed that due to the limited available space a road closure would be required remaining in place for one week (and utilising a diversion through Wiltshire) and as such the work would need to be carried out outside of school term times. It was originally proposed to undertake this during the summer holidays (late July/early August) but that might no longer be achievable due to the time it has taken to agree a way forward.


I will be contacting you with an update as soon as I have discussed this with Skanska.


Kind Regards




Tasos Papaloucas

Senior Engineer – Design Group

Bath & North East Somerset Council

Telephone: 01225 395238

Fax: 01225 394338


Accompanying information for Agenda item 11: To receive an update on developments at FLiSCA


The FLiSCA EGM was held on 19th June at Limpley Stoke Village Hall, which I chaired in the absence of an alternative.

The outcome was as follows:

Charles Malir was unanimously confirmed as Chair of the Galleries Management Group

Caroline Biebyuck was unanimously confirmed as FLiSCA Treasurer

Richard Blamey and Simon Coombes were both proposed separately for the position of FLiSCA Chair. Both candidates outlined their positions, and following a closed vote, Simon Coombes obtained the majority of the votes cast – 22 to 12.

Following the previous resignations of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, there has been an urgent need to fill the role of Treasurer. The board appointed Caroline Biebyuck to undertake the role of Treasurer, which to follow due process needs to be ratified in an EGM.

Lee Newlyn volunteered for the role of Secretary, and was accepted.

Subsequent to the EGM, Stephen Dawson has resigned his position within the Galleries, as planned.

The Galleries has become a vital community asset. Whilst sterling efforts of many people have played their part, the roles played by both Gitte and Stephen Dawson should not be under-estimated. Without their generosity, determination and sheer hard work The Galleries would not exist. The community owes the Dawson’s a large debt of gratitude.

The next FLiSCA Board meeting is on Thursday 6th July. A verbal update will be provided at the PC meeting.


John Adler

5th July 2017


Accompanying information for Agenda item 13: To receive a report on the Memorial Hall.

There is a Memorial Hall Management Group Meeting on Wednesday 5th July to advance moving from a Charitable Organisation to become Incorporate.


An EGM is being planned for 26th July to provide more detail publicly on this topic.


John Adler

5th July 2017


Accompanying information for Agenda item 14: To receive a report on the Vodaphone Mast

Vodaphone have confirmed that talks have failed to put a mast at Browns Field. The church was not a suitable location. I have formally suggested (again) that they consider using the water tower – some aerials are already located there.  I will put a Community Email together to ask for options.


The probability is that if a location for this mast (looking like a telegraph pole) is not found soon – then the money will be moved elsewhere and the issues with mobile phone reception in Freshford will remain as they are.


John Adler

5th July 2017