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PC Agenda 10.10.2016 +Reports

posted 4 Oct 2016, 08:39 by Parish Council Communications


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)


MONDAY 10th October 2016 AT 7.00PM



1.     Apologies for Absence

2.     Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

3.     Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

4.     Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 12th September 2016 (approval & matters arising)

5.     Finance and personnel

·  Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

·  Received the External Auditors report for 2015/16 accounts

·  6 month budget review

6.     Correspondence Received

·       PC response to the technical consultation on local government finance.

7.     Planning Applications and Decisions

16/04591/FUL - The Cottage, Pipehouse Lane – Erection of extension to from annexe

16/00063/RF – The Cottage, Pipehouse Lane, Planning inspectorate appeal

16/04616/FUL 16/04617/LBA – Fairclose Farmhouse, The Hill – Internal and external alterations for the erection of detached garage and home gym with new drive.

16/04589/LBA – The Corner House, The Hill – Demolition of wall and gate-posts to widen access.

16/04494/TCA - Fairclose Farmhouse, The Hill – Removal of Yews x 2

16/04508/TC5 – The Glen, Rosemary Lane, Remove dead Cypress

            Upcoming external meetings.

·       Parishes Liaison – 12th October (AO)

·       VPA Highways – 12th October (HD)

·       VPA meeting – 7th December (PK, NS)

·       Bath Avon Forum – 28th November  (JA)

8.     The Tyning (SW/JH)

9.     PC Assets

·       Alan Dodge Memorial Bench

10.  Updates to include:

·       Traffic & Transport (NS)

·       Neighbourhood planning projects update (AO)

·       Roads and verges

-  Street sweeper update (JH)

·       Trees & Footpaths (JH)

·       Street Lighting


CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts

4 Cliffe Drive,

Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY

01225 723036

Facilities & Funding (JA)

·       Communications (AO)

·       Bulletin (PK)

11.  Exchange of information

       Date of Next Meeting:  14th November 2016


Agenda Item – Planning – Roger Paine

1   The Corner House, The Hill, Freshford     16/04589/LBA

The Council has previously considered and supported planning applications in respect of this property, which is diagonally opposite the church.   Internal changes and restoration have been undertaken, together with a new entrance porch and the removal of some of the rendering on the outside walls.    All the work has been carefully undertaken on this listed building. It is now proposed to remove a gate and a small (1.1 m) length of wall on the boundary with the footpath, to make access into the drive more straightforward, and safer for cars to park by  improving sight lines. The work will be completed with appropriate materials, which are in line with the building as a whole.  It is proposed that the Council supports the application.

2   Fairclose Farmhouse  (opposite The Inn) 16/04616/FUL and 16/04617/LBA

This application provides for the building of a new detached garage and drive at the north side of the main house. The house is Listed Grade ll.   This was part of an application involving significant internal and external works to the whole house in 2012 (12/00520/FUL), which was granted planning permission at that time. The owners now wish to make small amendments to their original plans for the garage; the other works have been completed. This current proposal provides for a slightly amended footprint and roof profile to simplify the construction.  Building work will be with rubble stone to match the existing house and two trees will be required to be removed.   The house is in the Conservation area.

Planning permission already exists for the basis of this work, now slightly amended. The site is on a difficult bend of the road. It is proposed that  the Council supports the application with comments highlighting the need for care during construction by contractors, at this narrow point on the road, together with a sharp bend.   Access into the proposed drive was highlighted previously, and taken into account when consent was granted.


Agenda Item 9 – Assets and other items – Martin Walker

Street sign Clutter - Photographic record and survey has been completed. Proposed works to be considered as part of the NP Gateway works. MW has met with Martin Laker of BANES in Freshford.  BANES to assist with plotting information onto Parish Online. 

War Memorial - Quotation of £275 received from Stone Conservator to delicately clean and repoint open joints.

Village Hall Drainage update - The Mann Williams report with long term recommendations has been received and forwarded to FVMH, FPC, FLiSCA and Galleries. Quotation for work received from Valletta and under consideration.


Agenda Item 10 – Traffic & Transport – Nick Stevens

Parish Road signs - Martin Walker has circulated details to councillors advising that he has met with Martin Laker who has confirmed that the Freshford road signs and fixed assets can be uploaded to Parish Online. Martin Walker successfully put the case for a University student taken on by B&NES to do the required work for the parish council. A masterstroke! Once the information is uploaded it can be shared with B&NES and we should have a full electronic Parish Online Schedule of road signs and asset. We hope to meet soon with the B&NES team to get things up and running. 

Highways England - Meeting with the VPA Highways Group on Wednesday 12th October. The meeting will be chaired by Hugh Delap. I cannot be there but if there is a Freshford Councillor able to attend they would be most welcome. The meeting will be at the Inn at Freshford – 10.45a.m. start I think but please check this.

The Hill Survey - I wrote to Stefan Chiffers in July seeking a meeting before the Survey commenced. I have not heard back from him yet.

Staples Hill - Received from a local resident a complaint about a ‘dropped’ section of pavement on Staples Hill. Advised him to register his concerns through Council Connect and said that the damage would be inspected by Highways Engineer Nick Sperring.




Agenda Item 10 – Environment – Sue Wingrove

The hedge laying course that will be run for Freshford parish Council by the Cotswold Conservation Board is confirmed for 20-21 October (2 day course) and for 11 November (1-day course).

There has been a good response from volunteers, with around 18 signing up for the 2-day course and 8 or so for the 1-day course. On 11 November children from Freshford School will also be involved and Ruth Poole from the school is in touch with the hedge laying instructor Keith Stuffins to determine safe and useful tasks for them to do.

Could we put round a community email a week before to let people know it is happening and to recognise the role of the CCB (I will supply some wording). Also could I arrange to have a candy board on the field gate, again advising the public and acknowledging the grant (this is a condition of the grant).


Agenda Item 10 – Policing, Facilities and Funding – John Adler

Police Matters

The next surgery with the community policing team is on 4th October in the Galleries. Notification was sent out by the Neighbourhood Watch.

Memorial Hall

The playground redevelopment is progressing. The old slide was sold, which helps the financing – and it’s good to re-use rather than scrap.


The FLiSCA grant period is underway for grants exceeding £250 – closing date for applications is 15th October. Application forms are available at the Galleries, online at, via an email request to or from a member of FLiSCA (I do have forms available).

Communities Meeting

This is the main aspect of the report this month.

With the Communities Meeting being in the evening on 5th October, the report on this meeting will follow.