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PC Agenda - 12th September 2016

posted 6 Sept 2016, 04:20 by Parish Council Communications


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



  1. Apologies for Absence

  2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation

    to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

  3. Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

  4. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 11th July & 8th August 2016 (approval & matters arising)

  5. Finance and personnel

    Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

  6. Correspondence Received

  7. Planning Applications and Decisions

    16/04017/FUL - Homewood Farm, Pipehouse - Conversion of barn to single dwelling 16/04101/TCA - Riversmeet, 2 The Orchard - To carry out height reduction and reshape by

    shortening extended limbs by up to 12-15. Birch - cut back over garden of No2 The Orchard

  1. Upcoming external meetings.

    • ALCA – 14th September

    • ACLA County AGM on 8th October

    • VPA Highways – 20th Sept (PK)

    • Bathavon Forum – 5th October (JA)

    • Parishes Liaison – 12th October (AO)

  2. The Tyning (SW/JH)

Tyning questionnaire analysis and discussion 10. PC Assets

Memorial Benches (JH)

  1. Updates to include:

    • Traffic & Transport (NS)

    • Neighbourhood planning projects update (AO)

    • Roads and verges

      - Street sweeper update (JH)

    • Trees & Footpaths (JH)

    • Street Lighting

    • Facilities & Funding (JA)

    • Communications (AO)

    • Bulletin (PK)

  2. Exchange of information

Date of Next Meeting: 10th October 2016

CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts 4 Cliffe Drive, Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY 01225 723036

Freshford Parish Council - Chairman’s Report 12th September 2016

Neighbourhood Plan Projects

An informal meeting was held at Temple Court on 12th August to compare notes on action points for Freshford and Limpley Stoke. For Freshford: Nick Stevens, Martin Walker, Andrew Orme; for Limpley Stoke: David Gwyther, Margaret Field. David Gwyther has subsequently left LSPC.

Most projects were, understandably, specific to each village. The four areas of short-term interest that were common to both communities, and where it was agreed that solutions should be co-ordinated, were:

  • −  Affordable Housing – Both B&NES and Wilts have acknowledged the existence of the Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood, as far as affordable housing is concerned. Margaret Field was going to find out whether there had been any interest from people with LS connections in the two one bedroom apartments at Freshford Fields.

  • −  Safe crossing of the A36.

  • −  Street signage clutter – it was agreed that the current situation should be assessed bearing in mind the

    guidance received from Steffan Chiffers.

  • −  Village Gateways – it was recognized that these might be problematic:

o Where to locate?
o Who owns the land?
o How they could be sited in already narrow lanes?
o Possible resistance to stone gateways as traffic hazard? o Cost?

It was agreed to progress the street signage review first, to see what signage might need to be incorporated on gateways.

Footpath to Avoncliff

Works were completed on the muddy section of Footpath BA12/5 – Freshford to Avoncliff – in early August. The works did not address the full width of the path but installed a metre-wide concrete path from the kissing gate at the far corner of Ham field, opposite The Inn, to the next kissing gate where the path comes out from Avoncliff Woods on to the riverbank again. There is rather an abrupt end to the new path at this point, where it comes to the Wiltshire border. The path looks rather new and ‘concretey’ but will soon mellow.

ALCA Transparency Fund

We have budget to buy a projector and laptop - a grant of £1350 plus £200, if needed, from Limpley Stoke for the purchase of our share of the jointly owned projector. It makes sense if any laptop bought could serve, if need be, as the main PC for the parish council so our Clerk should be part of the purchasing decision. Because of other commitments, this is unlikely to be before November. The deadline is that we need to have spent the grant within the current financial year.

Agenda Item 7 – Planning Applications – Roger Paine

Freshford Parish Council September 12, 2016

Homewood Farm, Pipehouse 16/04017/FUL Conversion of a Barn to a one storey dwelling; in Hinton Charterhouse Parish, but on the Freshford boundary.

The farm is the first dwelling on the left hand side as you enter Pipehouse. Access to the site is from a driveway almost at the A36 entry. There have been previous renovation and conversion planning applications in connection with Homewood Farm, which have been agreed, and which have modified some farm buildings.

The farm includes 24 acres of land, but with previously rented additional land now not available, the farm is not viable as a business alone and the owners wish to retire from farming activity.

In 2003, approval was given to convert an L-shaped farm building into three dwellings, one of which provides a home for the applicants. As part of that application, a further large steel framed barn next to those buildings was partially demolished. This application provides for the conversion of part of that barn into a one storey, three bedroomed dwelling, which will be entirely within the envelope of the existing barn. It is stated that appropriate and sensitively matching materials will be used. There will be no increase in the

existing footprint, and a reduction of existing floor space, as part of the building will be demolished in this scheme.

The application considers this building in the context of the approved housing development in Pipehouse, in terms of the appropriateness of building within the Green Belt and AONB. The farm is a brownfield site, and an unused and unattractive farm building is to be improved and renovated, and put into use. Part of an adjacent farm building will also be demolished to improve the environment of the proposed renovation. Overall the site will be improved in appearance. It is considered that in terms of the content of the NPPF, the works proposed do not constitute a diminution of the attractiveness, or openness of the Green Belt.

No comments have been received from nearby residents and the formal views of Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council as a statutory consultee are awaited.

Subject to the above, it is suggested that this Council’s response should be comments concerning materials, style of building, contractors access, and the satisfactory resolution of any safety and Highways issues. Because access to the site is very close to the A36, any traffic or parking issues should not impact significantly on other Pipehouse residents or their homes.

Agenda Item 10 – PC Assets - Freshford Parish Council Report September 2016 - Martin Walker


Notice Boards

Nothing to report

Memorial Benches

Nothing to report except the Mrs Cunnynghame bench at the top of Dark Lane is dilapidated and in unsafe and in unusable condition. It should be removed or replaced.

Tyning Wall Fracture and Cemetery Wall

Consideration to be given to suitable safety fence/barrier/railings between Tying and High Street next to the School.

Freshford Railway Station “Running In” Boards

Update awaited on Conservator’s repairs to the board on the Platform to Bradford on Avon

Street sign Clutter

Photographic record and survey has been completed. Proposed works to be considered as part of the NP Gateway works. MW to meet with Martin Laker of BANES to consider how best to identify the Street Clutter on Parish Online.

War Memorial.

MW to meet with Stone Conservators to obtain quotation for repair and maintenance.
The Memorial is listed Grade II and all work beyond repair will require listed building consent.
Other Asset Proposals for 2016
Other proposals for Asset repair during 2016 include:
Replacement/repair of other benches on Dark Lane, The Tyning and bench outside Village Hall etc. Cemetery maintenance to vegetation and Freshford Lane stone wall.
Removal of ivy to the Crowe Lane finger post sign. (part completed)

Village Hall Drainage update.

The Mann Williams report with long term recommendations has been received and forwarded to FVMH, FPC, FLiSCA and Galleries. Quotation for work awaited from Valletta.