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PC Agenda - 11th July 2016

posted 5 Jul 2016, 08:22 by Parish Council Communications


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



  1. Apologies for Absence

  2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation

    to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

  3. Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

  4. Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 13th June 2016 (approval & matters arising)

  5. Finance and personnel

    Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

  6. Correspondence Received

  7. Planning Applications and Decisions

    16/03124/DPLAO - Prior approval to extend platforms as part of the West of England DMU Capability Works (At Freshford Station, Station Road, Freshford, BA2 7WQ)

    16/02999/FUL – 10 The Glebe. First floor side extension, and single storey rear extension. 16/03319/FUL – Rosemary House, Church Lane, Erection of detached single storey house on land

    to rear of existing dwelling

    16/05118/OUT - Southernwood Church Lane Limpley Stoke Wiltshire BA2 7GH. Proposal: Erection of 1 No. dwelling and associated access works (Plot 1). Outline application

    16/04907/FUL - Southernwood Church Lane Limpley Stoke Wiltshire BA2 7GH, Erection of 1 No. dwelling and associated access and landscaping works (Plot 3)

16/01219/FUL - Cottage, Pipehouse Lane – Decision - Refuse Affordable Housing

  1. Neighbourhood Plan Projects (NS/AO/MW)

  2. Upcoming external meetings.

VPA A36/46 Link 10. The Tyning (SW/JH)

Tyning questionnaire analysis

  1. PC Assets

  2. Updates to include:

    • Roads & Traffic (NS)

      • -  Discussion on B&NES feasibility study – The Hill

      • -  Discussion on Highways England Road Investment Strategy

    • Roads and verges
      Discussion on strimming of verges, purchase of equipment (SW)

    • Trees & Footpaths (JH)

    • Street Lighting

      - Update on Laurel House Lamp

    • Facilities & Funding (JA)

    • Communications (AO)

    • Bulletin (PK)

CLERK – Ingrid Maher Roberts 4 Cliffe Drive, Limpley Stoke, BA2 7FY 01225 723036

13. Exchange of information
Date of Next Meeting: 8
th August 2016 if required.

Agenda Item 7
Planning Applications and Decisions – Roger Paine
Planning Application 16/02999/FUL - 10 The Glebe Freshford

This application sets out proposals for a first floor side extension, and single storey rear extension, to the existing semi detached property in The Glebe. The plot is adjacent to open countryside, in the Green Belt, AONB, the Southern Settlement Area, but not in the Freshford Conservation area.

The paperwork for the application provides no detail of the proposals, except some small scale plans. As such it is difficult to provide detailed comments. No pre-application advice has been sought. The application form indicates that materials to be used will be in line with and similar to those of the existing building. An approximate assessment of the plans would indicate the increase in floor areas of the building to be between 20% and 30%, but these are not accurate, nor do they include volume increases upon which the Council’s usual guideline of about one third is based.

Further information will be attempted to be sought for the meeting. The Council’s comments would be based on adherence to the usual guideline of a volume increase of about one third, together with adherence to the Villages Design Statement requiring the style and materials used to be appropriate in the setting of the existing building and local environment.

Planning Application 16/03124/DLPAO Extension of the platforms on Freshford Station

This application is being submitted by Network Rail. The electrification of the Great Western Main Line and the associated use of new rolling stock, will allow other Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) to be available on the Cardiff- Portsmouth service group, which passes through Freshford. This will address the need for stock to be updated and to be of greater capacity. To meet this improvement, with longer trains, the platforms will need to be extended.

At present the two platforms are each about 80 metres in length. Both platforms will be lengthened by about 36 metres in the Bradford direction to provide for five car trains. There will be new platform edges, with tactiles. Building work will be required for the extended platforms, fencing and surfacing which will be in line with the existing platforms.

The development will be implemented as a permitted development under the relevant Act of Parliament of 1845, as updated by Government Order in 2015. A full planning application is not required, and the Planning Authority may only comment, or impose conditions on design and siting. The station is not Listed.

It is recommended that the Parish Council give comments welcoming the extension of the platforms in terms of improved rail services. The Council would wish to ensure that building work and materials used are appropriate to the site and existing platforms bearing in mind that the site is in the Green Belt and AONB. The Villages Design Statement is relevant for this aspect.

Of particular concern is the access to the station site, which is along Station Road, itself very narrow. Congestion, noise and parking could cause significant problems, and the Council will expect Planners to impose the necessary conditions to address these issues.

Agenda Item 11

PC Assets – Martin Walker

Notice Boards - Nothing to report

Memorial Benches - Future repair and maintenance policy to be agreed.

Lamp no. 7 on Laurel House - Restored lamp refurbished and re-fixing expected shortly.

Tyning Wall Fracture and Cemetery Wall - Consideration to be given to suitable safety fence/barrier/railings between Tying and High Street next to the School.

Freshford Railway Station “Running In” Boards - Work to the broken “FRESHFORD” letters on the Platform to Bath/Bristol has been completed. Thanks to Roland Birchby.

Update awaited on Conservator’s repairs to the board on the Platform to Bradford on Avon

Street sign Clutter - Photographic record and survey has been completed. Proposed works to be considered as part of the NP Gateway works.

Morris’s Lion above entrance to Manor Barn - Inspection and recording of the Lion and damaged stone to Manor Barn entrance carried out on 31st May. The stonework to the lion is sound but the plinth

on which the Lion sits has suffered decay and damage. Meeting held with owners of Manor Barn to present findings.

War Memorial.

Meeting held with the British Legion on 1st July to consider three phases of work, ie repair maintenance and cleaning,
new paved level access and
improvements to the entire site.

Discussions are ongoing.
The Memorial is listed Grade II and all work beyond repair will require listed building consent.
Other Asset Proposals for 2016
Other proposals for Asset repair during 2016 include:

Replacement/repair of other benches on Dark Lane,
The Tyning,
Outside Village Hall etc.
Cemetery maintenance to vegetation and Freshford Lane stone wall. Removal of ivy to the Crowe Lane finger post sign. (part completed)

Village Hall Drainage update - Mann Williams are instructed and site investigations have commenced as part of the proposed long term scheme. The Mann Williams report is still awaited.

Agenda Item 12

Roads and Traffic – Nick Stevens

Network Rail – Platform extension at Freshford.

Please see correspondence below. NS to raise at HOW meeting to be held at Trowbridge on the 14th July.

Hi Catherine

Nick has forwarded the planning notification from Network Rail that they plan to extend the platforms at Freshford.

As there is no need for Network Rail to make a formal planning application when we would have the opportunity to put forward any views on the proposal, I wondered if you would kindly take forward to the relevant person/s at Network Rail the following comments from the Station Garden volunteers.

  1. That the works take into account the garden and that care is taken to ensure that there is no damage to our planting or edgings

  2. Looking through the documents, it would appear that the existing Bath bound platform may be raised slightly so we ask if this will impact on the sleeper edge between the garden and the existing platform surface

  3. We presume that the works will all be accessed from the railway and Station Road and the other village roads will not be used for transporting materials.

The team who installed the new shelter were really good and hopefully the same will be true when the extension work takes place.

Regards Rowena

Thanks, Rowena. This is something I would pass over to the station manager to deal with, as NR should be coordinating with GWR for that, but our brand new station manager, James Wilcox, has not yet got his feet under the table. I don't even have his contact details yet.

NICK - Please raise at 14th July meeting in Trowbridge when we will meet James for the first time, together with his boss, Martin Hardy. Rowena has laid that email out so well, I will save it to forward on to one or both of them if required after the meeting.

I'd be reluctant to try and forward it direct to someone in Network Rail myself as I suspect, from recent experience, they would simply ignore it. I am afraid I have no "pull" with them at all!

M: 07971 111816
Catherine Phillips, Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership Officer

Roads and Traffic update.

Feasibility Study -The Hill, Freshford.

I have written to B&NES Council Highways Department asking that we meet with them for a site meeting prior to the commencement of the Study. This course was recommended by Stefan Chiffers of B&NES when we first discussed the FS back in February. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that we are all clear about what outcomes we are seeking. These are as set out in my Report to the PC in March 2016 with the further addition that we ask that the Study embraces also the current problem of vehicles using Church Hill as a through route.

Severance of Community.

On behalf of the PC I wrote to Sean Walsh of Highways England:

Some time back you suggested that if Freshford and Limpley Stoke parishes were concerned about the issue of severance of the community by the A36 we should put our thoughts in writing to Highways England.

That is something that I would like to pursue. But before doing so I would welcome your advice on its content. In particular- what are the key points that we should be seeking to make and how much detail should we provide?

In the Road Investment Strategy for 2015/16 to 2019/20 it is said:

However, we recognise that the SRN can also have a negative impact on communities. Busy roads can generate noise, and sever access in towns and villages, impeding cyclists and walkers. Solving these issues has been a focus of the Highways Agency, and it is important that the new Company strives to do even more to deliver improved outcomes for those living and working near the network.

In seeking to both solve these issues and to deliver improved services I know that we take heart from the fact that we have established a helpful and effective relationship with HE through your good self and we would very much like to work together to see what can be done now to improve the negative impact that the trunk road has this community.

With best wishes,
Nick Stevens, Freshford Parish Council

Received in reply from Sean Walsh, Assets Manager, Highways England:

We have information from the first round of Route Strategies (2015 to 2020) and we have captured issues from previous engagements with your Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Highways Authority, which we can share with you, if you want this let us know. However, this might not represent all the issues you think need to be addressed on the Strategic Road Network in the period from 2020 and beyond. If you have other information and want to raise other issues, we would be keen to hear from you.

If you want to report individual issues that affect you as a motorist on, or as a neighbour of, the strategic road network, we invite you to enter these via this online mapping tool.

If you have datasets, models or mapped evidence, please email us at so we can discuss the format.

Using the online mapping tool I have identified the key section of the A36 between Pipehouse and Church Lane/Midford Lane and raised with them the key issue namely that the trunk road hampers safe access by residents living to the west of the road to key village services – the shop, the school and pre- school

and surgery and dispensing practice. Referring to the Neighbourhood Plan highlights issues of speed, pedestrian refuges together with the general rationale of seeking to improve road safety.

The PC has been chipping away at this for some years and at last there is a glimmer of hope that our concerns might form part of the Strategic Road Network programme from 2020 onwards.

The Heart of Wessex Community Rail Partnership.

I will be attending the HOW meeting on the 14th July at Trowbridge in company with Hugh Delap. We are hoping to make progress to resolve the unsatisfactory operation of the ‘one door opening’ on arrival at Freshford which has on occasions led to travellers being unable to alight and then having to make their way back to Freshford from Bradford on Avon. It is a hit and miss affair and GWR must do better.

The HOW Annual Report for 2015/16 – well worth a quick read – can be found at:

Agenda Item 12

Facilities and Funding – John Adler

Police Matters

Those responsible for the recent spate of car crimes appear to have been caught.

Sue Mountfield has been re-appointed as an independent PCC, and is asking for public input to the aims and objectives:

To ensure the Police and Crime Plan continues to reflect your needs we want to hear from you. Have your say online consultation.aspx or call us on 01275-816377 for a hardcopy of the survey.

The consultation closes on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. Following which the information will be used to form the aims and objectives of the forthcoming plan.

Memorial Hall - Nothing to report. FLiSCA

The FLiSCA board meeting was held on 4th February – just before writing this report. A verbal update will be provided to the PC, and written details provided once the minutes are available.

Communities Meeting

The Devolution issue is being considered by BANES. There is concern as the result of the local referendum was 4 to 1 against an elected mayor. However, this is what is being put in place.

There is a 6-week consultation period beginning 4th July.

The view of parish Councils and Forum Groups is needed – but time is extremely short and information in short supply.

The process is that the Secretary of State considers the consultation, and the issues an Order. BANES then considers the Order.

4 councils are considering the deal (North Somerset have pulled out).

There are a number of public presentations on this issue, and people and PCs need to be engaged as the underlying question is what does this mean to the constitutional process?

The main concern is that this shapes the future and the future relationships will be based on the responses received, such as between the council and parish councils.

The fact that the BANES community voted against this approach, but it is still being imposed could lead to conclusions that may not be far from the truth.

The headline is that £1bn is available across 30 years – which sounds appealing as a headline figure. However, this is split across the 4 councils and Bristol will receive the lions share, leaving a small portion available across 30 years.

The Governance Review states that additional funding is available from EU Structural and Investment Funding ...

Request That the PC considers Devolution and agrees a process of enabling an understanding and forming a formal response to the consultation.

The Communities meeting was then focused on the provision of Health facilities within BANES, which does not include Freshford as Freshford surgery is a remote ‘arm’ of the Beckington Surgery which is in Wiltshire.

There is a central fund available for the development of local health facilities.

Should the Memorial Hall progress with the aims and objectives as outlined in the Neighbourhood Plan, then BANES are interested in discussing funding possibilities. At the Fete Martin outlined to me the current thinking of the Hall Redevelopment Committee on the potential provision of a surgery facility. If solely providing a Surgery facility is undertaken, then any additional funding from central government grants needs to be taken up with Wiltshire by the Hall Redevelopment Committee as the surgery is not BANES based. This is not particularly helpful, and boundary issues is a major concern for BANES, in many more ways than this as access to BANES health courses is only available through BANES based surgeries.

The recruitment of doctors is a major concern. It was stated that whilst funds are available, and there is a need for more doctors, recruitment is a problem. This is especially concerning as it was stated that 30% of doctors in BANES are over 50 years old.

The BANES programme is ‘Your Care, Your Way’.

It was also stated that the management of Health Facilities within BANES is currently out for tender. Which does seem to be a step on the road of privatisation, and underlines the importance of getting involved in the Consultation on a West of England Mayoral Combined Authority (the first item above).

Much is happening very quickly, and personally I’m not convinced that we truly understand what is happening, or whether we can actually effect any change to what is happening.