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Parish Council - 12th October 2015

posted 7 Oct 2015, 01:54 by Parish Council Communications


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)



ON MONDAY 12th October 2015 AT 7.00PM



1.   Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations - Members are reminded of their obligation to declare any interest they may have on any Agenda item to be discussed.

3.   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th October 2015 (approval & matters arising)

4.   Open Forum - an opportunity for residents to address the Parish Council.

5.   Co-option of Parish Councillor

6.  Finance and personnel

·       Payments of invoices and notice of receipts

7.  Correspondence Received

8.  Neighbourhood Planning (NS)

·       Modification of NP - S.61 Town and Country Planning Act 1990

9.  PC Assets (MW)

10.  The Tyning Advisory Group (JH)

11. Procedural Standing Orders (NS)

11.   Streets, Grounds Maintenance

·       Cemetery – Tree cutting (IMR)

12. Updates to include:

(i)              Roads & Traffic & Footpaths

(ii)            Environment (JH/NS)

      (iii) Street Lighting (IMR)

·       Removal of street light on Station Road

      (iv) Facilities & Funding (JA)

(v) Communications

13. Exchange of information

Date of Next Meeting: 12th October  2015


I Maher Roberts







Agenda Item 5

Co –option of Councillor.

At the forthcoming meeting of the Parish Council I will propose that Hugh Delap be co-opted to serve as a councillor for the parish of Freshford with immediate effect. His election to council will fill the one remaining vacancy. Hugh will be in attendance.

Following an initial approach by our Parish Clerk I have now met with Hugh to discuss his possible co-option on to the Council. I am delighted to say that Hugh has agreed to allow his name to go forward. He understands also that in the event of his election in October, at the November meeting of Council he is prepared to stand for the office of Chairman which falls vacant at that time consequent upon my decision to step down as Chairman.

Understandably, Hugh has made clear that he sees this not as an open ended commitment and that his intention would be to serve as a councillor up until the end of April 2016. In May 2016 the council will then elect a new Chairman and determine whether or not to fill the casual vacancy created by his departure.

Given the present circumstances facing Council, members will recognise that this outcome presents us with the best possible solution. Hugh’s knowledge and experience is second to none and this selfless action on his part will, I am sure, be warmly appreciated and supported by all.


Agenda Item 8

Correction of error: S.61 Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


A letter dated the 28th August has been received by the Qualifying Body (Freshford and Limpley Stoke Parish Councils) from Messrs Wansbroughs, Solicitors, on behalf of their clients Mr and Mrs C. Alexander of Aroona, Church Lane, Limpley Stoke. Mr and Mrs Alexander request that the Qualifying Body give its consent for an error in the Neighbourhood Plan to be corrected in accordance with the provisions of Section 61 Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The correction would be to show the house and garden of their home as being within the Northern Settlement Area as was intended.


It had been the intention of the Management Group to include the house and garden of Aroona within the Northern Settlement Area. It appears that at the time when Map 2 was corrected to show adjoining land designated for consideration as Local Green Space the house and garden were mistakenly delineated as outside the Settlement Area.  No one including Mr and Mrs Alexander had spotted the error during the full period of public consultation that had then followed. In consequence the Plan submitted for Independent Examination showed the house and gardens of Aroona as outside the Northern Settlement area.


At a meeting of the Management Group held on the 1st October it was Resolved:

To recommend to the two Parish Councils that the Qualifying Body give consent for the error to be corrected in order that Map 2 of the NP  show both the house and garden of Aroona as being within the Northern Settlement Area.


 A like resolution is before the Limpley Stoke Parish Council and will be determined at its meeting to be held on Tuesday 6th October. The outcome will be made known to Freshford Parish Council as soon as possible. 

If consent is given by the Qualifying Body the Local Authorities (Wiltshire and B&NES Councils) may proceed to modify the Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the provisions of Section 61 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.



Agenda Item 9

Council Report           

Freshford PC Assets

All known assets have been inspected and condition reports have been prepared with recommendations for planned work and maintenance over the next 5 years. These recorded assets  include:-

The Five Notice Boards.

The Cemetery.

The Cemetery Walls, Fences, Gates and Shed.

The Tyning War Memorial.

The Pound next the Cemetery.

The Tyning Field and Boundary Fences and Walls

All six Benches.

The Stone Lion on High Street.

The Park Corner Pump.

The Freshford Station Signs.

Ownership and responsibility for maintenance of other assets needs to be established and confirmed including:-

 Waste Bins,

Dog waste bins.

The River Frome railings next to The Inn and the railings around tree opposite The Inn.

Next Action

Complete the Condition Reports with recommendations and costs for future repair and maintenance over next 5 or so years.  Complete list of Community Assets.

Consider uploading information to the Parish On-line mapping website. 


Martin Walker

4th October 2015.

Agenda Item 12(iv)

Freshford Parish Council Report.                              12th October 2015

Peter King.                                                               Galleries Shop and Cafe



1.     Galleries Cafe


Chef Vito Albergo, the Cafe Manager, has decided to concentrate on his other business interests and to stand down from the cafe.   Vito's last day on the payroll is planned to be 18th October, when Dallas Crook (the new Galleries Shop Manager) will assume responsibility for the cafe, in addition to the shop.  Alessandro, currently the Assistant Cafe Manager, will assume the lead in the cafe, supported by current cafe volunteers and hopefully others.   The intent is to simplify the menus on offer and to recreate the volunteer ethos that existed before in the cafe.  The employment of an Apprentice is also being considered.


2.   Galleries Shop


As mentioned above, the shop has a new Manager, Dallas Crook, who has settled in quickly and efficiently to the task of leading the business in a new phase of its development.  A priority which Dallas has defined is to appeal to our volunteers to 'keep the faith' and respond to the needs of this vital community asset.  The shop has been 'flatlining' over the last year or so and Dallas's efforts are being directed to improving the marketing and product range and establishing an effective control of margins.  He is very keen to revive the 'fun factor' for volunteers and has guaranteed that the paid staff will take on all of the unpopular tasks which inevitably need to be done.  A Volunteers' Party is planned for 28th October in the School and clearly a good turnout is anticipated;  Dallas

hopes that many volunteers who have drifted away from shift duty will attend and ensure a return to the smooth running of the Rota.   

Dallas is very ably supported by Emily Wollacott who has already established herself as the Assistant Shop Manager (and dog trainer and walker!)

The exhortation is to all existing and aspiring volunteers to come along to the School on the 28th to hear about the future development in the Galleries and how things are expected to improve - the Parish Council is fully supportive of all of the shop developments.



Peter King.                                                                                            5 October 2015


Agenda Item 12(iv)


Police Matters

Following the implementation of both the 20mph limit across much of the village, there is some concern about speeding, especially during peak periods.

There was previously a review of speed in the village by the Police, who reported:

‘New procedures for CSW (Community Speed Watch scheme) now require a more formal assessment process than previously, and on the basis of the existing data I can confirm that we would not be able to proceed at present; to maximise the effectiveness of any scheme, the equipment issued, the training involved, and the clerical work that it generates – and indeed your volunteers’ time - we would need to see evidence of a far more substantial issue than appears from current reports.

I note that the general verdict following Tony McIntosh’s data collection seems to accept the above, but we are all happy to keep an eye on the situation there.’

Graham Jenkinson has stated:

‘As you know, we tried a sample speed test a few months ago. Vehicle volumes were low on the selected day and the police decided it was not appropriate to have a community speed watch arrangement.

Speeds on the High St and elsewhere in the village are not significantly influenced by the recent developments, and a neighbour has suggested that we ask FLiSCA to finance a radar speed gun.’

Graham has asked whether this is a Neighbourhood Watch or PC issue to take forwards. Whilst previous activities were undertaken by the NW scheme, as the 20mph limit was implemented at the request of the PC.

Several questions arise:

·       Who has the responsibility of dealing with speeding – the Neighbourhood Watch or the Parish Council?

·       Is there a perceived issue of speeding across Freshford?

·       If yes – how should this be dealt with?

Request – the above questions are discussed and a way forwards agreed.

Request – that the action


Memorial Hall

Nothing to report.



The FLiSCA board meeting was held on 21 September. Key points raised were:

                Galleries aim is to bring the shop and café closer together

                Grants deadline to be set just before Christmas to give more time available for projects to submit applications

                The grants budget has been agreed to be £5,000

                Grant agreed to be provided for the Hop Pole boules club

                Succession planning is underway


The Executive Escalation with BT was closed on 17th October as all main cables and the exchange were proven to be fully operational. Any continuing issues would relate to local equipment or ‘account configuration’, which would need to be addressed by each individual affected through their service provider.

I believe that everyone is reconnected now.

I reported to the last PC meeting that I requested answers from Connecting Devon & Somerset to the following questions:

                Why was Freshford fibre broadband not implemented at the same time as for Limpley Stoke?

                When was the Freshford fibre broadband implementation survey undertaken?

                What liaison was undertaken with Wiltshire Online to ensure that most effective implementation plan was arrived at for everyone using the Limpley Stoke exchange, including Freshford?

These questions were provided on 13th September. No response has been received. This has been escalated to Neil Butters.

When Freshford has Fibre Broadband rolled out in April 2016 (current estimates), we need assurances that there will not be any further service outages.

Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) are managing the project for rolling out fibre broadband across Devon & Somerset, which is a c.£94m project funded in part from local authority funding, in part from central government – basically through our various taxation systems meaning that WE are largely funding this. Basically CDS are managing the provision of services to us that we are paying for. Given the lack of responses to questions – this does give rise to concern as to how we will be impacted in April 2016.

If CDS are not going to engage, then how the risk of future impact to services is to be managed. Whilst the root cause of the recent problems is not clear – this does give an indication.

Request – The PC considers the next steps to be taken to try to gain assurances that the risk of future phone/broadband outages during the implementation of Fibre Broadband is managed. To whom should our situation be escalated to?

BANES Communities Forum

To be progressed.

Inn At Freshford

The Inn at Freshford is not only a local facility; it has been recognised within the Neighbourhood Plan as being a community asset.

However, the Administrators have been called in, resulting in the restaurant being closed and all staff being made redundant.

There will be alcohol continued to be sold - solely by Ken Roberts, and there will be reduced opening hours.

Exactly what the future holds is unclear as these events only unfolded today (Monday 5th October). More detail may be available for the PC meeting.


John Adler 05.10.2015