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  • PC Agenda 12th March 2018 + Reports


    NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)

    You are invited to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in Freshford Village Hall on Monday 12th March 2018 at 7.00pm


    1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence
    2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
    3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th February
    4. Open Forum
    5. FinanceReview of Budget for 2017/18, planning of budget for 2018/19 
    6. Correspondence Received

    7.  Planning Applications:

      1. 18/00518/FUL Riversmeet, 2 The Orchard, Freshford, Installation of new rear dormer, enlargement of previously approved rear dormer, and installation of front roof light.
      2. 18/00508/FUL The Galleries Shop, Freshford Lane, Installation of a floor mount tubular bottle filler fountain.
      3. 18/00846/FUL Greyhound Courtyard, Dark Lane, Alterations to maisonette to include replacement of windows and doors, insertion of soil stack, improvement to drains, extension of existing stone wall, cladding of block wall, replacement of porch, repairs to extension roofing, rebuilding of annex, insertion of ventilation vents and garden gate, resurfacing driveway and pedestrian access.
      4. 18/00838/FUL Iford Manor Iford Lane, Freshford, Relocation of existing cafe to new ancillary cafe (through conversion and new build); demolition of modern outbuilding; re-use and repair of Great Barn as heritage welcome centre; and associated landscaping works including alterations to boundary walls to create new pedestrian and disabled access, and alteration to car park entrance. 18/00839/LBA Internal and external alterations for the above relocation.
      5. 18/00970/TCA Trees New Road, Freshford T1 Sorbus-Remove.
      6. 18/00630/TCA The Tyning, T1. Ash-Remove lower limb over footpath. T2. Ash-Fell.T3. Sycamore several small trees-remove. T4. Elm-Remove.T5. Ash-Remove.T6+7. Ash-Remove.T8. Field Maple-Remove. To recreate the view for one of the Tyning benches.

    8. Decision Notifications

            17/05969/FUL Avonlea House: Referred to Development Management Committee (14th March 2018)            17/06106/FUL Hinton House helipad: Referred to Planning Committee (2.00pm 14th March 2018)

    9.       To consider the A36/A46 link 

    10. To discuss the migration of the Community Database to MailChimp

    11. To discuss the preparation for the Annual Parish Meeting

    • Catering

    • Seating

    12. To discuss dates for future Annual Parish Meetings 

    13. To consider the WW1 Armistice centennial 

    14. Replacement of Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

    15. External and Other Meetings:

            VPA Highways Sub Committee (NS)

            Parish Liaison Meeting, 28th February (AO)

            Bathavon South Forum, 11th April (JA)

            Bath Preservation Trust, 20th March (RP)

    16 Exchange of Information

    17. Date of Next Meeting: 9thApril 2018.

    Accompanying information for Agenda item 7: Planning Applications

    Riversmeet, 2 The Orchard, Freshford. 18/00518/FUL

    The description for this application is:

    Installation of new rear dormer, enlargement of previously approved rear dormer, and installation of front roof light.

    Riversmeet forms part of a development of four similar detached dwellings constructed in the 1970s. The Orchard is a private cul-de-sac off The Hill and located between St Peters Church and the Inn.

    The existing 1970’s property is generally in its original form but was extended in 2012/2013 to provide a garage extension, a pool house, three dormer windows and raised external terrace with roof veranda

    Riversmeet is sited in the Eastern Settlement of Freshford as defined in the Neighbourhood Plan and within the Freshford and Sharpstone Conservation Area. Furthermore, Riversmeet lies within the defined Green Belt and the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    The proposed works have little impact to the existing front west and side elevations with the exception of a new rooflight. To the rear it is proposed to install double glazed external doors to the living room, replacement of existing roof light with new upvc dormer window, enlargement of an existing dormer window and installation of a further new dormer window. The proposed external materials are in keeping and sympathetic to the original 1970’s construction.

    Riversmeet sits on a raised site adjacent to similar properties but the proposed works should not create issues with overlooking.

    The proposed construction works and access to the site should have little impact on properties nearby but nevertheless any disturbance should be controlled and kept to a minimum. Any comments from near neighbours should be taken into account. There are no such comments to date on the BANES Planning Portal.

    It is recommended that the Council supports this application.

    Martin Walker, 26 February 2018

    Galleries Shop, Hydration Station 18/00508/FUL

    This Planning Application provides for the installation of a floor mounted tubular bottle filler fountain on the outside wall of the Galleries shop. It will be fitted on the outside wall of the shop to the right of the newspaper racks, with clear visibility and easy access, providing a drinking fountain and water bottle filler. It will be fixed to the wall and is about 64 inches high. Leaflets are available in the shop. It is recommended that the Council supports this application.

    Greyhound Courtyard, Dark Lane, Freshford 18/00846/FUL

    Alterations to maisonette, to include replacement of windows and doors, insertion of a soil stack, improvements to drains, extension of existing stone wall, cladding of block wall, replacement of porch, roof repairs, rebuilding the annex, ventilation vents, a new garden gate, resurfacing the driveway and pedestrian access. Individually these are small renovations/improvements. They represent a significant restoration and updating of the building, which is in the Freshford Conservation Area. All work should be sensitively undertaken and in accordance with the Villages Design Statement. The property is on a narrow road and so contractors’ vehicles and access should be carefully considered. It is recommended that the Council supports this application.

    Roger Paine, 6 March 2018

    Iford Manor 18/00838/FUL 18/00839/LBA

    1 This application provides for the relocation of an existing café to a new ancillary café (through conversion and new build); demolition of a modern outbuilding; re-use and repair of The Great Barn as a heritage welcome centre; associated landscaping works, including alterations to boundary walls to create new pedestrian and disabled access, and alterations to a car park entrance.

    2 Iford Manor exists as a family home and is a major international attraction for its Gardens, Arts and Music events, and as a centre of significant heritage interest. The area of the Manor grounds subject to this application is in B&NES. The Grade I Peto Gardens attract very large numbers of visitors; educational work is also carried out. The buildings and other parts of the grounds are listed Grade II.

    3 At present, café type facilities are provided using the family’s own domestic accommodation in the Manor (together with other very limited facilities), as is the space needed to support workers on the estate. Visitor numbers continue to increase each year. This is an unsatisfactory position, and improved accommodation is needed to support the visitor experience, manage the running of the estate, and allow the family to maintain and manage their own private domestic space.

    4 The area under consideration is to the left of the Manor, facing from the Lane. Two buildings (one from the 1700s, the Cow Barn, and one from the 1960s), will through a process of some demolition, conversion and re-build become the new tea rooms. A further building –the Grade II Great Barn- will become a visitors, welcome and heritage centre. New pedestrian access will be provided from the car park across the Lane into this new area. The large number of reports submitted show a high level of detail and rigour in design, and adherence to appropriate styles, materials, conservation and restoration. Ecology, Transport and Arboricultural reports have also been provided. Pre-application advice has been sought over several months with B&NES and Historic England, and the scheme has changed to reflectthose discussions. Because of the location of the site, visibility from outside of the gardens will be limited.

    5 In planning terms this is development on a Heritage site, in the Green belt and AONB. In terms of volume change the overall percentage increase would be less than 5%. On this basis it is stated that ‘the proposal cannot be considered as disproportionate and is therefore not inappropriate development in the Green Belt’. It is stated that the buildings being considered are not currently used for agricultural purposes, but rather for ancillary storage associated with visitors, and other events.

    6 The levels of controls, restrictions, and planning approval constraints concerning such an important international heritage site in the Green Belt will be very high. Considerable discussion has already taken place with positive conclusions. So far as Freshford residents are concerned these proposals will enhance Iford Manor. The Parish Council is recommended to support the application. The Council may wish to add further comments.

    Roger Paine, 8 March 2018

    Report from John Adler

    1. Memorial Hall

    The Memorial Hall management meeting was held on 21 February.

    Key points:

    • Roof replacement

    o Approval to proceed with the Approved contractor.

    o Funds approved with a limit of £53,000.

    ▪ There are some complex details in relation to activities and funding.

    • Hewitt Studios

    o Presented initial plans for the Hall refurbishment, new doctor’s surgery and pre-school

    • The outcome of the review of the doctor’s surgery is not yet known. It will become clear when all activities have been completed.

    • The availability of NHS funds to aid the development of the new surgery is unclear The commitment of the surgery to the new development needs to be obtained before development begins.

    The Memorial Hall AGM followed the Management Meeting.

    Three key points were addressed:

    • Community Right to Build Order

    o The current draft was circulated and is still being developed Risk Register

    o The Risk Register is reviewed regularly with Hewitt Studios

    • Boundary Issues/Land Registry

    o The transfer of deeds to the new CIO identified some boundary issues. This is being addressed and needs to be resolved to complete the transfer of deeds.

    2. BathAvon Forum Meeting

    The BathAvon Forum Meeting has been set for Wednesday 11th April.

    3. Sat Nav BANES has been approached on the issue of addressing the base mapping data so as to route vehicles away from Rosemary Lane when accessing Freshford Mill.

    This request has been passed on within BANES and a response on proceeding should be provided shortly.

    Posted 9 Mar 2018, 04:49 by parish council
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