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  • PC Agenda 8th January 2018 + Reports


    NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)

    You are invited to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in Freshford Village Hall on Monday 8th January 2018 at 7.00pm


    1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence
    2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
    3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th December
    4. Open Forum
    5. Finance : Approve expenditure on projects for remainder of 2017/18. Discuss and approve Precept for 2018-19 
    6. Correspondence Received

    7.  Planning Applications:

    17/05969/FUL Avonlea House, Station Road: Erection of single-storey side extension. (Resubmission).

    17/05776/FUL The Inn, The Hill: Erection of decking and water feature (Retrospective)

    17/05825/FUL Freshford & District Tennis Club, Abbey Lane, Hinton Charterhouse: Proposed erection of new flood light.

    17/06106/FUL Hinton House: Installation of helipad

    8. Decision Notifications

    17/05351/FUL Woodwick Hall Midford Lane: Erection of two dwellings and associated access drive. Permit.

    17/05203/FUL The Cottage Pipehouse Lane: Conversion of existing garage and store into ancillary accommodation. Withdrawn.

    17/05598/TCA Abbots Leigh Coach House, Rosemary Lane: Fell Walnut with basal bark death, tree in decline. Pollard Goat Willow, Coppice 2 Hazel stools. No Objection.

    17/05599/TCA Walton House, High Street: Reduce Cherry tree and Fir. No objection.

    17/05442/TCA Fairlawn, High Street: Fell False Acacia. No Objection.

    9.       To discuss the format and content of the BathAvon South Forum meeting

    10.   To discuss the bench proposal by Tessa Moriarty.

    11. To discuss the passing place on the Tyning

    12 External and Other Meetings:

    VPA Highways Sub Committee (NS)

    ALCA, 24th January (AO)

    Parish Liaison Meeting, 21st February (AO)

    Bathavon South Forum, March (JA)

    Bath Preservation Trust (RP)

    13 Exchange of Information

    14. Date of Next Meeting: 12th February 2018.

    Accompanying information for Agenda item 7: Planning Applications

    Freshford Parish Council 8th January 2018

    17/05969/FUL Avonlea House (end of Manor Close) Station Road, Freshford.

    Within the Green Belt, AONB and Conservation Area.

    Proposal: Building a single storey extension over an enclosed square garden to provide enlarged ground floor living space. The extension will be flat roofed with roof windows. The extension will take in and convert some out buildings presently in the garden, which will then become part of the enlarged house. These outbuildings constitute a detached structure, serving both the applicant’s and neighbour’s properties. The volume increase is estimated at about 23% which is below the guideline of about one third.

    This application is an amended version of 17/01208/FUL submitted in April 2017. As before, the paperwork is minimal, and little detail is provided. At the time of the previous application two neighbours submitted objections concerning the nearness of walls to their boundaries, the height of the proposed structure, and additionally that the applicant’s outbuilding, which adjoins that of the neighbour, is being brought into the new structures; this gives rise to building work concerns and the effect on the safety of the outbuildings in respect of both properties. The Parish Council resolved to give comments and not support the April application; subsequently it was refused at Committee.

    This new application shows some revisions. The extension is smaller in floor area and would be built further away from neighbours’ boundary walls and fences with about a one metre gap. The building will be lower in the ground and so less obvious from neighbours’ properties. There will be a lantern window in the roof.

    One neighbour has again submitted objections based on the extension’s closeness to boundary walls, the height of the parapet walls at the top of the structure, the overbearing nature of the roof lantern, and the danger to the structure of the outbuildings which are attached together for the two properties.

    It is recommended that the Council highlights these comments as its response.

    17/05776/FUL The Inn at Freshford 

    This is a retrospective application in respect of Decking and the installation of a Water Feature in the garden area of The Inn. This work has already been completed, and prior permission should have been sought before the work was undertaken. The Inn is an important community resource and attraction in the village, and improvements are welcomed. The Council would emphasize however that appropriate procedures should always be followed, and that guidance and permission should be sought before work is undertaken. It is recommended that the Council supports the application with these comments.

    17/05825/FUL Freshford and District Tennis Club Application

    This application seeks permission for additional floodlighting to cover both of the tennis courts at the Club in Abbey Lane. One court already has floodlighting. The Club is in Hinton Charterhouse, but on the Freshford boundary. Appropriate ecological and lighting effects reports have been provided, and the floodlights will not be used after 9.00 pm. Extra lighting will enable additional matches to be played, and give greater time for coaching; this will be of benefit to Freshford residents. Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council supported this application at its December meeting. It is recommended that the Council supports the application.

    17/06106/FUL Hinton House Helipad Application

    This is a revised application to create a Helipad in the grounds of Hinton House, in Hinton Charterhouse. A previous application was withdrawn following considerable concerns expressed by the Parochial Church Council (in respect of nearness, and potential damage to St John’s Church) and local residents who could be affected by noise and disruption. The plans show the proposed Helipad to be placed further away from the church and neighbouring properties. The application has not yet been considered by all the affected parties, and up to date comments and responses will be reported to the Parish Council meeting.

    Cllr Roger Paine, 2nd January 2018


    Accompanying information for Agenda item 9: To discuss the format and content of the BathAvon South Forum meeting

    1.      Purpose

    The purpose of this briefing paper is to provide background information on the BathAvon Forum to enable a focused discussion.

    2.      Objective

    The objective is to obtain a view from Freshford Parish Council on what is required from the BathAvon Forum and identify the format of the BathAvon Forum moving forwards.

    3.      Parish Charter (Draft)

    The draft Parish Charter contains the following:

    Appendix 5

    Draft Protocol for joint working between Parish Liaison and Connecting

    Communities Forums

    The differing remits are set out in schematic form below.

    We will maximise the potential to:

    ·         Review what has taken place in the previous cycle

    ·         Look forward to what we can do together to improve our area

    ·         Reduce duplication of agenda items and discussions





    Connecting levels of local government.

    Connecting the wider community.


    Parish councils, ALCA representatives, B&NES Council members, officers of the B&NES Council.

    B&NES members, parish councils, representatives of public services (e.g. officers of B&NES Council, police, fire etc), community groups, public.


    Issues that affect all parish councils in Bath & North-East Somerset.

    Issues that affect communities within a locality.

    Legislative changes and impacts on levels of local government and powers.

    Consultation / discussions on services.

    Engagement between B&NES and parish councils.

    Wider engagement with all public service partners.

    Devolution of services and collaborative working.

    Supporting communities to do more for themselves.

    4.      Terms of Reference

    Terms of Reference are defined in the draft Parish Charter for the Parish Liaison meeting. Terms of Reference are not defined for the Connecting Communities Forums.

    5.      BathAvon South Forum

    Whilst there is an agenda defined for the forum, to date it has been defined by BANES.

    It is up to the Parish Councils to define the forum and its agenda moving forwards.

    As the Terms of Reference are open, they are currently open for definition.

    BANES have made everyone aware of the significant financial constraints that they are experiencing currently, and expect serious questions arising in the future as to what is actually able to be delivered in the future, with the possibility raised by BANES of only being able to provide statutory services at some point in the future.

    The Agendas outlined in section 3 of the 2 forums clearly identifies a strategy of the devolution of services and collaborative working needed between BANES and PCs.

    The BathAvon South Forum, being the Connecting Communities Forum, is defined by the Agenda in section 3.

    6.      Discussion Point

    The discussion point is how best to structure the BathAvon South Forum to meet the stated Agenda.

    There will be discussions between the PCs, and therefore the view(s) of Freshford Parish Council is needed to ensure that the input to the wider general discussion is not a solely personal view.

    The basic question is what does Freshford Parish Council want and need from the BathAvon South Forum moving forwards, how best to work with other Parish Councils and BANES in building a collaborative working environment as outlined in the Parish Charter.

    Cllr John Adler, 2nd January 2018



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