Agenda and Papers for next meeting


NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)




1.   Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3.   Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 11th June 2018

4.   Open Forum

5.   Finance

a)   Bank Account

b)   Amendments to signatures – Barclays and Scottish Widows

c)   Public rights and publication of unaudited AGA

d)   Payments

6.   Actions from previous meetings

a)   74/18 Bus stop bench

b)   76/18 Repainting heritage signs

c)   80/18 Tyning passing place update

d)   82/18 Church Lane lighting update

e)   95/18 Community database and website hand over

f)    97/18 BANES and CIL money

g)   102/18 Horse riding on the Tyning and vans in layby

7.   Planning Applications

a)   Cornerstone Freshford Lane - 18/02536/FUL – Erection of front extension including bay window and porch

b)   18/02591/FUL Pond House Rosemary Lane (Hinton Charterhouse parish)

c)   18/02370/FUL Homewood Park (Hinton Charterhouse)

d)   18/02534/FUL Orchard Garden, 1 Westview Orchard

8.   Planning Decisions

a)   Parcel 5600, Freshford Lane – 18/01648/FUL - Refused

9.             Freshford Railway station lighting

10.                 Tyning & hedge cutting

11.                 Freshford Memorial Hall

12.                 A36 Severance Study – Highways England

13.                 External Meetings:

Virgin Care and BANES meeting – Thursday 12th July

Bath Avon Forum – AGM – 2nd August


14.                 Exchange of Information

15.                 Date of Next Meeting: 10th September 2018





Chairman’s Report

1.       Lights

Martin Walker has obtained details from SSE on the proposed replacement light for The Hill that is attached to Jasmine Cottage.

The details are:

These need to be considered at the meeting.

2.       Freshford Station (Lights)

More detail has been obtained as regards the complaints about the Freshford Station and the lighting.

The main complaints are over the increased light pollution and the impact on the local wildlife and also people with views of Freshford Station.

My last report stated that ‘Network Rail have agreed to produce a Lighting and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) covering the development’. This is no longer the case – the excuse being that BANES planning have not requested an LVIA.

Winsley PC are not aware of this issue and have received no complaints. Westwood PC are yet to respond to a request for their views and experience as regards AvonCliffe Station – so whether similar issues exist there is unknown.

The main complaints of some residents of Murhill is that:

·       The new station lights are currently very bright

·       The new lights do not have any cowlings on them

·       The loss of some hedgerows screening the station have been removed by the current works

·       The increase in light is impacting people, and there is also concern over the impact on bats

Unfortunately, a briefing paper has not been received from this group of local residents that called in Michelle Donelan, so the detail has been gleaned from lengthy emails. But the lack of a briefing paper does not mean that there is not an issue here.

Network rail have stated that the strength of the lights will be reduced one the development is handed over to GWR.

The Neighbourhood Plan makes it clear that new developments must minimise external lighting.

A complication is that Network Rail are not required to follow the standard planning process, but as the NP has been defined by the local community and has been formally adopted, it should carry weight irrespective of the planning process being used.

This issue needs discussion by the PC in order to agree what actions need to be taken.

3.       2017-18 Accounts

The 2017-18 accounts have been signed and sent to the external auditor.

4.       Health Services

BANES are aware of the situation in Freshford as regards the surgery and have requested a meeting with the Clerk and Chair to look at what potential ways there are to help with the issues around social isolation and the elderly population in the local area. This will include VirginCare who now manage health services within BANES.

BANES have stated that ‘there are some good practices and learning that has taken place in the Chew Valley that we could look at possibly trialling in Freshford’.

5.       A36 Severance Study

Nick Stevens has obtained a draft copy of the A36 Severance Study, which he has circulated.

The PC has, unusually, been offered the opportunity of reviewing an early draft of the Severance Study by Highways England.

I would urge every councillor to read the draft report so that the PC can agree on a response.


Planning Applications

7.     Planning Applications

e)     Cornerstone Freshford Lane - 18/02536/FUL – Erection of front extension including bay window and porch


f)      18/02591/FUL
Pond House Rosemary Lane (Hinton Charterhouse parish)

The application provides for a two storey and single storey side extension to Pond House, and associated landscaping.  The design is described as a sustainable organic zero carbon extension, and it is stated that the overall volume increase is less than the guideline of about one third, for such extensions in the Green Belt.  Some of the new build will replace existing buildings.  It is proposed to replace the exiting SW extension and three other outbuildings;  there will be a new two storey extension overlooking the pond with an organic leaf design.   
The property is not in the Conservation Area.  Whilst not in Freshford, the house is on the parish boundary.   The site is not overlooked, and these proposals will update the property within the guidelines, using an imaginative and  modern design.
The Council will expect  conditions to control access for building etc contractors, and for the actual volume increase to be carefully considered as this is difficult to deduce from the documentation.
Further comments will be provided at the meeting.


g)     Homewood Park. 18/02370/FUL (Hinton Charterhouse)

Permission for the erection of a temporary marquee (142 sq m ) in the grounds of the Hotel, for five months each year,  for the next three years.  The important issue for Freshford residents is the effect that functions in the marquee will have on the immediate environment and location, with regard to traffic, and noise from music, and the movement of guests.  Whilst the application states that the marquee will be used from 1000 to 2300 hours, there could be further noise and inconvenience outside of those times.  
The Parish Council will want to make these comments in terms of the planning authority imposing strict conditions with regard to hours of use, music and noise levels, access and advance notice of celebration fireworks etc.

h)    18/02534/FUL
Orchard Garden, 1 Westview Orchard.

This property is a detached three bedroomed house in a group of four, situated off Dark Lane. It is in the Green Belt, AONB and the Freshford Conservation Area.  The proposal is based on a single storey extension to the north west and south west elevations, with an additional half storey above the existing garage to create a fourth bedroom with bathroom.  The overall volume increase is stated to be about 26%, which is within the guideline figure for extensions in the Green Belt.

The applicants have taken pre-application advice, and the proposals are designed to reflect those discussions.   In particular the new half storey above the garage is reduced in height.  Whilst  the discussions have been based on an acceptance that all other factors being equal, an extension of this size could be acceptable, the main two points to emerge were questions as to how this build would fit into the overall environment and landscape at this location and how this would impact on views from other properties throughout the Village, and the style of the build and materials used, in the context of the Conservation Area.

The application shows views from a number of locations in Freshford, and analyses the materials to be used in the context of other recently approved extensions and buildings in the Village.  The Council will expect the Villages Design Statement to be followed. It is recommended that the Council supports this application, together with comments concerning views from other properties and materials used.


Freshford Parish Council Report - Martin Walker


Freshford Village Memorial Hall.

Village Hall update.


Reroofing work commences 13th August with completion some five weeks later, subject to weather.

Grant funding has been approved to cover the majority of the costs of these works.

Redevelopment Proposals and Community Right to Build Order

The six week public consultation period has been completed. Comments received are being considered before submitting the final CRtB Order to BANES at the end of July 2018. BANES then publicise the order for a further six week consultation period followed by appointment of an Independent Examiner.

If the Order is then found to be sound the Order goes to a local referendum conducted by BANES. If approved by a majority of at least 51% the Order will be adopted as a formal planning document.

The entire process may take a further nine months.

Boundary issues and Right of Way matters

Resolution of the boundary issue with Wheat Paddock to the west and the reduced Right of Way to the eastern boundary are progressing.

Doctors Surgery.

Discussions with the surgery are ongoing and a definitive response is awaited from the Beckington Practice.

Martin Walker, 2 July 2018.