Agenda and Papers for next meeting



NOTICE OF MEETING (Local Government Act 1972)

You are summoned to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council in Freshford Village Hall on Monday 10th September 2018 at 7.00pm



1.    Welcome and Apologies for Absence

2.    Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3.    Minutes of the PC Meetings held on 9th July 2018 and 13th August 2018

4.    Open Forum

5.    Planning Applications:

a.    18/003500/FUL Woodex Cottage, Midford Lane: Erection of a single storey rear extension following removal of conservatory

b.    18/01741/FUL The Friary: Erection of replacement workshop (Retrospective). Revised information.

6.    Decision Notifications

a.    17/06213/FUL Barn Adjacent to Woodmans Cottage, Friary Wood Lane, Hinton Charterhouse: Withdrawn

7.    Actions from previous meetings

a.    74/18 Bus stop bench

b.    76/18 Repainting heritage signs

c.    82/18 Church Lane lighting update

d.    95/18 Community database and website hand over

e.    97/18 BANES and CIL money

f.     111/18 Station Lighting

g.    112/18 Tyning hedge cutting

h.    113/18 Memorial Hall

i.      102/18 Horse Riding on the Tyning

j.     114/18 A36 Severance Study

8.    Finance

a.    Bank Account

b.    Scottish Widows Account

c.    Payments.

9.    Highways and Transport

a.    Road Maintenance

b.    Hedgerows

c.    Church Hill – vehicular damage to property

d.    Text Box: High Street – traffic speeds

e.    High Street – bollard damage

10.Correspondence Received

11.External and Other Meetings:

12.Exchange of Information

13.Date of Next Meeting: 12th March 2018.




HELD ON MONDAY 9THth JULY 2018 AT 7.00pm



John Adler (Chairman), Jean Hawker (Vice Chair), Andrew Orme, Nick Stevens, Tom Maddicott, Martin Walker, Roger Paine, Peter King, & Craig Underdown, Jamie Colston (Parish Clerk)



George Batterham, Ben Walters, Kate Walters, Rowena Wood, Ben Batchelor-Wylam, Peter Rudge, David Martin, Rosemary King, Patricia Trussler, Mr and Mrs Cohen


Apologies for Absence



Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations


No Declarations of Interest or Requests for Dispensation were raised.



Open Forum

Planning and Open Forum Moved forwards in the Agenda for public benefit


George Batterham (Architect) and Ben Walters spoke and answered questions relating to the Pond House planning application


Rowena Wood spoke about concerns related to Homewood Park development and the need for conditions related to music, live bands and concurrent days of use. No objection in principal of weddings or events however this application covers 5 months of each year for three years with very little detail.


Ben Batchelor-Wylam spoke and answered questions relating to Orchard Garden planning application


Peter Rudge, neighbour to the potential development, spoke about his concern about the materials suggested being out of context of the rest of the Cul de sac


David Martin, neighbour spoke about his unhappiness with the proposed materials


Rosemary King Martin, neighbour spoke about the boundary lines being incorrect in the architects plans


Patricia Trussler, local resident, spoke of her concerns about the ultra modern design and how it was out of keeping with the locality.





Planning Applications

a)     18/02536/FUL – Cornerstone, Freshford Lane – Erection of front extension including bay window and porch

The Parish Council resolved to Comment only on the application and state the need to keep the aesthetic in line with the rest of the build and that the materials used reflect this.

b)     18/02591/FUL Pond House Rosemary Lane (Hinton Charterhouse parish)

The Parish Council resolved to Support the application on the basis that the maximum volume increase is, as stated by the architect, less than one-third of the gross external volume. PC would like to see that the designs and materials are upheld to the current suggested standard. If building work starts there needs to be clear controlled access to the site which affects other residents and public services as little as possible. All Councillors agreed this is an exciting design.


c)      18/02370/FUL Homewood Park (Hinton Charterhouse)

The Parish Council resolved to Object to this application on the basis that too little information was provided as to the potential use of the marquee, hours of operation, control over traffic, the frequency of events, noise levels, access, music and fireworks.


d)     18/02534/FUL Orchard Garden, 1 Westview Orchard

Parish council are unhappy with the style and materials and how this looks from the various aspects of the village. The proposed building will go right up to the edge of the Lane and will reduce the access to the rest of Westview Orchard to the width of an alley. PC resolved to Comment only with these issues alongside an additional point raised that the boundaries/red lines of the architect drawings are incorrect.





74/18 Bus Stop Bench

NS suggested and PC agreed to do the preparatory work to make this happen. PC to make an application to FLISCA for 50% of the funds and approach Friends of Freshford for an equal contribution. NS has spoken to Martin Hellier of BANES about seat furniture. BANES have no objection to PC acquiring a bus stop bench. The bench will need to be maintained by the PC and be added to the list of assets. The PC can use BANES contractor to fit the bench. Rough cost guidelines are £600 for the bench, £200 for the concrete, £200 for additional work.

NS to move this forward.









a)     Bank Account

The current state of the bank account is the PC and Clerk still do not have access to the account. Barclays have requested further information. The new agreed signatories on the account are Chair, John Adler and Vice Chair, Jean Hawker. The PC approved the RFO, Jamie Colston to become an authorised additional signatory on the Parish Council’s specified accounts, for the purposes only of effecting electronic banking and of managing the accounts

b)     Scottish Widows Account

JA and JH to be added to this account. NS to sign forms to add them to the account, once completed these need to be filled in by JA and JH.

c)      AGAR

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) forms have been sent to the external auditor and posted on the main Parish notice board

d)     Payments

Cheques made out for

£7098.86  SSE Lighting – payment for work on Church Lane

£251.96 SSE Lighting – Monthly payment for servicing

£295.00 James Lock – Grass Maintenance – May

£295.00 James Lock – Grass Maintenance – June

£295.00 James Lock – Grass Maintenance – July

£437.28 – Jamie Colston – Parish Clerk  





NS, JA, JH and JC


76/18 Repainting Heritage signs – TM to chase, no date confirmed yet



80/18 Tyning passing place.

The Tyning passing place is now completed and operational.



82/18 Church Lane lighting – the quote for Lamp no 4 has been received – one LED offering a moonlight effect. PC decided that light should be on constantly for public safety. PC to instruct SSE to complete work



95/18 Community database and website handover – TM needs to separate data into three lists and enter them into the system, which he hopes to complete over the next two weeks.

CU to have an initial meeting with AO about taking on the website




97/18 BANES and CIL money – No news yet. JA to keep up communication with Neil Butters and BANES



102/18 Horse Riding on the Tyning and Vans in layby – Vans have now left. PK to do a piece in the Bulletin about horse riding on the Tyning



PC notified of the refusal of planning for Parcel 5600



Station Lighting

On the basis of lack of clarity on the issues it was agreed that JA should contact Neil Butters about the next steps




Tyning hedge cutting – Quote for £160 agreed to cut the hedge alongside the road between the school and the cemetery. The PC stated that this activity is within the remit of the Clerk who is able to make this decision in the future whilst informing the PC.

















117/18     Apologies for Absence

                  Jean Hawker, Tom Maddicott


118/18     Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations



119/18    Open Forum



120/18      Fairlawn, Park Corner, BA2 7UP – 18/03146/FUL

This property is a three-bedroom detached house built in 1959.     It is in the Green Belt, and AONB but not in the Conservation Area.    It is proposed to build a two-storey extension on the right-hand side of the house (viewed from the road) which will replace the garage.  An old shed behind the garage will be replaced with a workshop with the same footprint and size.   These proposals will provide additional accommodation for the owners with an extra bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. The internal layout of the house will be rearranged.   Adjacent and similarly constructed houses have already been extended in similar or greater ways.


The owners have already extended the house with a new enlarged porch, but taking that into account, together with these new proposals, the total increase in volume over the original build remains of the order of about one third and so follows the guideline.

The house will have good green credentials in terms of the construction, and materials used.  It is intended to use reconstituted Bath stone and reclaimed tiles, and for the extension to be set back from the line of the existing property so that the impact and bulk is less.  Whilst there are properties nearby and adjacent to Fairlawn, potential overlooking will be minimal.  The garage has not been used by vehicles and sufficient parking is available on site.


It is recommended that the Parish Council supports this application with comments that the Villages Design Statement is followed, and that contractors' traffic or parking does not adversely affect the this narrow road and sharp corner.



At its meeting on 13 August 2018 the Parish Council resolved to support this application.   It was noted that in this case the loss of a garage is not a significant issue as sufficient parking space already exists.   However, the Council remains concerned that in general, the conversion of garages into domestic accommodation can increase traffic and parking congestion in the village, leading to significant problems.


e)    Hayes Cottage, Midford Lane, BA2 7GR- 18/02971/FUL

The Parish Council considered an application in respect of this detached property on 10 July 2017 (17/02680/FUL).   The proposals included an extension and substantial internal rearrangement.  At that time the Council considered this to be appropriate development, not jeopardising the openness of the Green Belt, and with a stated volume increase of about 33% within the guidelines.   The Council supported the application, with comments concerning access, and possible but very limited overlooking.   B&NES approved the application.  

These new proposals provide for very limited changes to the 2017 application; extending the roof over the eaves; a sun pipe light tube; external wall insulation; and changes to some windows and doors. 

It is recommended that the Council supports this application with the same comments as submitted with the previous application last year.


At its meeting on 13 August 2018 the Parish Council resolved to support this application, with the comments set out above, and repeating those submitted as a response to the previous application in July 2017.

f)     Peipards Farm, BA2 7UN - 18/03273/FUL

The Parish Council considered applications for renovation, restoration and some new build extension work on the farm on 10 October 2017 (17/04322/FUL and 17/04323/LBA).   At that time the Council welcomed and supported the application, but made clear that it would not expect or agree to any further development on the overall site, which should remain as an operating farm. B&NES approved the application.

This new application provides for very limited, mainly internal amendments to the previous scheme in respect of the Farm House (listed Grade II).  It includes a repositioned ensuite bathroom, new roof lights and internal rafter extensions.
It is recommended that the Council supports the application, but repeats the same comments in the response to the previous application, including the requirement to follow the Villages Design Statement.

At its meeting on 13 August 2018, the Parish Council resolved to support this application, with the comments set out above, and repeating those set out as a response to the previous application in October 2017


121/18      Tree Applications

Shaston, Rosemary Lane, BA2 7UD –

1 x Silver Birch T1 Fell – 18/03366/TCA

Approved by BANES prior to meeting taken place


122/18     Bank Account update – The bank account is now accessible again

                   and the new bank card has arrived. There is an issue with the card

                   pin number and a new one is being sent.


                  Finance (August payments)

     Alan Duck – June 2018                                          £375.00

     Freshford Village Memorial Hall (Apr-Jul)          £700.00

     Jamie Colston (Parish Clerk) AUG                        £437.28

     Parish Magazine Printing (Summer Bulletin)     £281.40

     H Mealing & Sons Passing Bay (Tyning)            £2871.40



123/18    Exchange of Information

There are various items that need reviewing each year. To avoid a log jam at the end of the year, it was proposed that one of the items is added to each meeting to spread the reviewing overheads across the year.


MW asked Clerk to check on the acceptance of quote and when the work on Light 4 will begin.




Date of Next Meeting: 10th September 2018