Council Meetings

Monthly meetings of the Parish Council are held in the Freshford Memorial Hall starting at 7.00pm. There is no meeting in August unless specific matters need to be discussed. The dates of the meetings are shown on the calendar below.  

The agenda and papers for the next meeting are published some days before the meeting.  These include the draft minutes for the previous Parish Council meeting. Please note that there may be differences between the draft minutes and those formally approved by the Parish Council.  The agenda, draft and approved minutes, and papers submitted to the Parish Council can be accessed by clicking on the 'Quick Links' to the right.

Upcoming Parish Council Meetings

Any member of the parish is welcome to attend the meetings. Should they wish to address the meeting they must inform the Clerk or Chairman beforehand. 

Under the Freedom of Information Act it is the duty of every public authority to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. Publication schemes facilitate the proactive release of information and play a crucial role in supporting and providing greater openness and transparency across the public sector.  Click the 'Quick Link' for the information available from Freshford Parish Council.