Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is charged on new developments and, in brief, amounts to £100 per square metre. (For fuller detail visit the B&NES website.)

Usually 15% of CIL funds are made available through the Parish Council for expenditure on local infrastructure projects. The remaining 85% is retained by B&NES Council for expenditure on projects from the B&NES Infrastructure Delivery Programme.

Because Freshford, with Limpley Stoke, has a Neighbourhood Plan Freshford Parish Council is entitled to receive 25% of CIL funds generated in the parish.

It is a requirement of receipt of these funds that the PC publicises on its website how they were allocated within the parish, so this page details the funds received and how they were spent.

January 2018
£10,081.95 CIL funds received by Freshford Parish Council. Paid to Freshford Memorial Hall towards the Hall Development Project.