Annual Parish Meetings and Financials

Freshford holds an Annual Parish Meeting - usually in April.  The format varies but includes a review of the year, a report from the Responsible Financial Officer and the opportunity for residents to ask questions and make comments.

The Agenda for each meeting is circulated in advance.  When published, it can be viewed here.

The Minutes of each meeting are only formalised at the following year's meeting.  However, for the convenience of residents, the minutes of the most recent meeting are published below in draft.

If more detail is wanted on any of the information, please contact the Parish Council via
Annual Parish Meeting, 26th April 2018
Annual Parish Meeting, 27th April 2017
Annual Parish Meeting, 29th April 2014

Annual Parish Meeting, 23rd April 2013

Annual Parish Meeting, 24th April 2012
Parish Council Communications,
16 May 2013, 06:43
Parish Council Communications,
15 Jul 2013, 05:57