Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

  • Enables our children and families to stay in our villages. 
  • Enhances the neighbourhood with attractive and sustainable housing.
  • Sustains the range of services in our community.
Affordable housing provides sustainable and attractive homes for local people on modest incomes and who can't afford to buy or rent a home on the open market. 'Local' generally means a person who is currently resident in the parish, was previously a resident, is permanently employed in the parish or is connected by close family to someone living in the parish. 

The Freshford Village Plan 2008 identified a demographic under-representation of 20-40 year olds due to the lack of affordability of existing housing. Young families help to support our local services: schools, pubs, doctors' surgery, Galleries shop, bus and rail services, etc. 

Some people are concerned that affordable housing means low cost, unattractive housing being occupied by out-of-town undesirable tenants and resulting in social conflicts and a negative impact on local housing prices. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The photograph, of The Brambles in Hinton Charterhouse, shows that the quality of affordable housing can often be higher than private housing. The affordability can be explained by the not-for-profit nature of the housing associations and the low cost paid for the land, for which planning permission for affordable housing only could be granted. We need to bear in mind that a successful community must be sustainable and a village of increasingly elderly people results, over time, in a loss of local services. Such a negative spiral will ultimately have a dampening impact on house prices. 

The availability of affordable housing gives the option for our children to remain in and help regenerate this vibrant community. Affordable housing is the one exception to the policy of no new building in green belt areas but it is still subject to the same careful scrutiny as any new planning application.

If you are a local person, as described above, and would like to register for the chance of being allocated an affordable home in Freshford, please contact Homesearch, who allocate social housing within Bath and North East Somerset. Homesearch offers a 'drop in' service at The Guildhall, Bath, every Wednesday from 9.30 to 12.00 and 2.00 to 4.30.