AGM Feb 2012

held: Monday 27th February 2012 7.30pm at The Inn at Freshford


Kate Hoffmann (Hon Secretary), Roger Purcell (Treasurer), Kay Small, Colin Piper, Jules Lowrie, Paul Cannings, Lizzie Vincent, Jan Pitt , Viv Jackson, Peter Jackson, Erin Bland , Patricia Shepard, David Shepard, Elizabeth Wordsworth  

1. Welcome
In the absence of a Chairman, the Treasurer welcomed everyone.

2. Apologies: Jeremy Wordsworth
Tom Peck
Vora Peck
Margaret Dodge
Charlie Murray
Maureen Delap
Paul Charlton-Thompson
Alison Riva

3. Minutes of last AGM
These were read, agreed as true and accurate, and will be signed by the Secretary in the absence of the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from the minutes
Wick Church’s theatrical costumes were received, many thanks to Viv Jackson for facilitating this.
Thanks to Charlie Murray and Lizzie Vincent who looked at the storage of costumes at the hall and spent a long time creating order and finding some more space in the cupboards.

5. Secretary’s report (in the absence of the Chairman)
A  brief summary was given of the three events put on in 2011. 

Tony White organised another Tingle Factor this year. This has become a bi-annual event where villagers are invited to share a piece of music and explain how and why it sends a shiver up their spine! The select attendees enjoyed the event enormously.
Jeremy Wordsworth and Colin Piper read tales to children in the Story Tent at the Village Fete. Both Colin and Jeremy dressed up and this was thought to be an important opportunity to highlight FM&DG to younger children and their parents.
The Pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears (directed by Viv Jackson) was another Box Office hit, and yet again had excellent reviews.  Some said it was the best pantomime yet! The performance demonstrated once again the tremendous community spirit in the 3 villages and cast and crew were commended, notably Viv Jackson. Feedback outlined the success of the shorter performance and the fact that the younger members of the cast had plenty to do as the chorus was frequently on stage.

6. Treasurer’s report
The Treasurer provided copies of the Group Financial Statement for 2011 which had kindly been audited by Guy Cottam. In summary the Group’s account stands in credit at £6,732.97 showing a further increase from last year’s balance of  £486.24. 
Copies of the statement are available on request. Many thanks to both Roger Purcell and Guy Cottam for the faithful work they do in keeping and auditing the accounts.

7. Election of the New Committee
No names were submitted for the position of Chairman. The members of the 2011 Holding Committee were re-elected.  The committee for 2012 is:
Kate Hoffmann, Honorary Secretary
Roger Purcell, Honorary Treasurer
Kay Small Colin Piper Jules Lowrie Charlie Murray

8. Election of Life Members
It was unanimously agreed that Tony White and Lizzie Vincent should be awarded life membership of the Freshford Music and Drama Group in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the success of the Group’s production over many years.
• Tony White for his musical direction, piano accompaniment and music composition.
• Lizzie Vincent for her contribution to design production and superb theatrical sets.

9. Village Hall Redevelopment - Prince’s Foundation Workshop
The parish councillors from Freshford and Limpley Stoke met last Friday to review the neighbourhood planning process to date - the 2 public meetings and the workshop day. Final proposal will be drawn up and submitted to the architects for review. Members were encouraged into ‘Blue Sky’ thinking and attend the meetings for discussion and sharing of ideas. Please contact Roger Purcell for details.

10. General discussion regarding possible activities for 2012
After the success and sheer enjoyment had by the cast, the crew and the audience of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Viv Jackson has agreed to direct another Panto with the proviso that more adults come forward to perform.
Viv Jackson voiced her appreciation to all those individuals who helped out before, during and after the performance. Their support was terrific.
Audition and read through Tuesday 4th September 6.30pm Freshford Memorial Hall)
1st rehearsal Sunday 16th September (St John's Village Hall)
Production meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 18th September 2012
Performances Thursday 31st Jan to Sunday 3rd February 2013
Tony White will be unable to provide the conscientious and committed support to the Pantomime this year. A discussion ensued with regard to the possibility of trying to replace him. This was considered an almost impossible task, but David Shepard would consider some options.
The possibility of organising a dramatised reading at local sites during the warmer months was discussed. Roger Purcell would consider facilitating this.
Jules Lowrie offered to organise another Fresh Factor this year at which any village member, no matter what age or talent, is invited to perform in front of a panel of judges (to be decided) in the hope of becoming the Fresh Factor winner!
Run through on Wednesday 30th May
Performance Wednesday 6th June 
Pop-Up Opera will be coming to Freshford on 13th May 2012. They are a small professional  group who choose to perform consolidated opera in small community facilities. It would be good to support them if we can. Details will be published in the Parish Magazine nearer the time.
Bath Opera - La Boheme will also be touring this year.
A reminder that the holding committee would help facilitate these ideas where possible; however, as agreed when the Holding Committee was set up, it was up to members organise them.

Minutes taken by Kate Hoffmann (Hon. Secretary)
Current subscriptions:
Individual membership: £8
Family membership: £12
Junior membership (U16): £4