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Your once-a-year catch-up with Freshford Parish Council - do come

posted 17 Apr 2017, 01:10 by Parish Council Communications

Have you ever wondered what your Parish Council does? 

Have you ever noticed that line on your Council Tax Bill - ‘Parish of Freshford’ - and wondered where that money goes?

If so, here’s your opportunity to find out more. Just come along to Freshford Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 27th April, at 7.30 in the Village Hall. You will be offered a glass of the Galleries’ finest and will be warmly welcomed. 

We usually have 40 or so residents attending, so don’t feel nervous that there are just a select few and that you might not be able to escape without having volunteered for something. It’s not that sort of a gathering!

We hope, of course, that regular attenders will be there in support as usual.

There will be a brisk run-through of our finances for the year just ended – where the money came from and where it went – followed by the Chairman’s report.

This will include brief updates on:

  • Who’s on the Parish Council and what we do
  • How we set the precept (the Parish money that’s collected with Council Tax)
  • Our thinking about The Tyning
  • What’s going on at Freshford Mill
  • What’s being done about our parking problems
  • And much more besides.

As a bonus this year we will be showing a BBC film of the ceremony on The Tyning from 31st March 1974 – the eve of Freshford’s joining the new county of Avon. It is only 8 minutes long but many with long-term associations with the village may recognise friends and family – or even themselves as youngsters. Others can’t help but be intrigued to see how Freshford has changed – or not – over the last 43 years.

So do come along to the Village Hall, 7.30 for 8.00 on Thursday 27th April. It benefits us all when residents take an active interest in our community and we hope to see you there.