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Works at Freshford CE Primary School

posted 26 Jul 2014, 02:04 by Parish Council Communications
Residents may be interested to know about various works which are being undertaken at the school over the summer holiday.

To start with, M J Harwood Ltd, Plant Hire, will commence removing the plinth surrounding the stump of the ash tree and the stump itself, prior to regrading the approach from the main gate to the school main entrance. MH will also remove that part of the present approach that encroaches into the playground area alongside the ash tree stump. This work is expected to take two or more weeks.

Subsequently the playground will be resurfaced by Thornbury Surfacing Ltd who have scheduled 22 August for this work, and the approach from gate to main entrance will be replaced.

During this time, MH will be rebuilding the damaged perimeter wall on to Freshford Lane and the signage will be restored.

It is the intention that further progress will be made to increase site security by adding a course of wooden paling above the stone wall on Freshford Lane to the same height as that recently installed between school car park and the playground.

Other work will include widening of the entrance into the car park and temporary changes to the main entrance gate, preparatory to fitting a controlled access system to a new metal gate a little later.

Following approval to remove the cherry tree and ash sapling bordering the High Street,
this work is programmed to be undertaken by Acer Tree Surgeons, preparatory to extending the paling fence work along the High Street perimeter.

During this period, a section of the native species hedge which separates the school land from the Tyning, and for which the school has responsibility, will be removed and a wooden gate inserted to provide controlled access from the school direct onto the Tyning. This work will also be done by MH who will probably approach from the Tyning side.  Freshford Parish Council has given permission for access across the Tyning for this purpose.