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Update on phone and broadband problems

posted 20 Aug 2015, 02:25 by Parish Council Communications
I would like to thank the many people who have responded to the request for information, which has proved to be extremely useful.
I hope that the information below (which I have tried to keep brief) is of use and helps a wider understanding of the situation.

If you are aware of friends or neighbours who still have no email, perhaps you would be kind enough to pass on this information.
All the responses received were collated and used to escalate the issue to a most senior level in BT.
The outcome is that the situation is being monitored by the Director’s Service Office as our situation has been escalated within BT to the Senior Escalation Team.
BT Consumer will be providing me with communications from this point on – if they do not provide initial contact within a day, then this will be raised with the Senior Escalation Team.
I requested a response to 3 basic questions:
  • What is/are the issue(s)?
  • What actions are being undertaken?
  • What is the timescale for resolution?
The response included the following:
In order to restore service, and improve the telephone network in Limpley Stoke, we need to complete two underground cable jobs. Some of the work is to take place on the main A36 ….
Therefore there is the need for traffic management on the A36.
Actions Being Undertaken
  • Cable Job 1 - The cable is already laid underground, and traffic lights are required to enable the engineers to joint the cable. The traffic authority will only allow 1 set of traffic lights, so the ‘joint the cable’ activity can only be undertaken once the second cable job is completed.
  • Cable Job 2 - Traffic lights are required to lay this cable. Once the cable is laid underground, then the traffic lights will be used for Cable Job 1 as they are not needed whilst the engineers joint cable 2. The laying of this cable was to be complete yesterday (Wednesday).
The statement received was:
If all goes well, and our engineers are not faced with any unforeseen engineering issues, then they hope to complete the cable and jointing work at some point this weekend. Work of this nature is very complex, and also takes a while due to the amount of cabling that is required, however we are hoping to complete as soon as we can.
When this cabling work is successfully completed and the exchange is fully operational, there may be further issues being experienced by some people. The resolution of these issues will need each affected customer to contact their service provider for resolution.
Other Points
A number of other points and issues have come to the surface through this situation. This communication is solely intended to address the outage issue, and other points/issues will be addressed separately.
John Adler
Freshford Parish Council