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Update on Freshford playground and request to dog walkers

posted 17 Nov 2016, 07:52 by Parish Council Communications
The new playground behind Freshford Memorial Hall is close to completion and will be turfed on Wednesday 16th November. After turfing it is recommended that users keep off the new turf for 2 weeks until it has had a chance to establish. Please do not enter the new playground until the temporary fencing is removed. Thank you for your patience.

As you will see, the new play equipment is not fenced off from the rest of the playing field. As the whole playing field is either used as a sports pitch or as playground space, it is inappropriate for dogs to be free-roaming on any part of it. Dog walkers are asked to keep to the public footpath, keep their dog on the lead when crossing the playing field, and to clear up any dog mess. Please remind your children if they are walking your family dog. 

Dog fouling is unsightly, unpleasant and can lead to toxocariasis in humans. Toxocariasis usually affects children aged between one and four years, but cases of toxocariasis have been reported in people of all ages. Young children are most at risk because they are more likely to put things into their mouths and less likely to wash their hands properly. Symptoms of toxocariasis can include seizures, breathing difficulties, a very red and painful eye, and clouded vision. Left untreated, toxocariasis can cause permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.

Please help to keep our playing field safe. Thank you.