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Update - Midford Road landslip/Brassknocker Hill resurfacing/Possible deferment of A36 closure

posted 11 Feb 2014, 02:09 by Parish Council Communications
Following the closure of the B3110 Midford Road after a landslip on private land, B&NES has been requested by the landowner to take the necessary steps on their land in order to re-open the road at cost to them. Some utility and engineering works are required to achieve this and need to be completed before stabilisation can be undertaken.
Specialist contractors are needed to move telecommunications and utility cables displaced by the landslip.
As each landslip is unique due to the gradient of the land and the local geology it is necessary to design a bespoke solution. In this case, a specialist is already designing the solution to stabilise the bank using concrete piles.
To install the substantial concrete piles the contractor will need to drill holes though the embankment with a specialist drilling rig and cast each concrete, tube like, pile individually.
The combination of these factors means that Midford Road is unlikely to be open for at least four weeks. Regrettably, there is no other option. Public safety is paramount and the bank must be stabilised before the road is reopened.
B&NES is currently negotiating with the Highways Agency the possibility of deferring the planned road closure  on the A36, due to take place in the Spring, until the early Autumn. B&NES was due to carry out a road resurfacing project at Brassknocker Hill in the coming weeks. This will go ahead from 7am - 7pm Sunday 16 February 2014, but from then on at night under a road closure (7pm – 7am) until 21 February to minimise inconvenience.