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Recycling collection - B&NES update as at 18.30 on 13th January 2016

posted 14 Jan 2016, 01:30 by Parish Council Communications
The Council is doing its utmost to resolve the current difficult recycling situation, which is not of our making. As the situation currently stands, broadly a third of residents are having their recycling collected on time. However, due to the ongoing go-slow and overtime ban by Kier employees, only around 50% of the scheduled collections take place each day. This, along with the impact of further strike days – when less than a third of Kier staff will be working – means that the potential for backlog is increasing. It is anticipated that the majority of Kier staff will be on strike on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 January.

The Council has 7 crews out in an effort to reduce the backlog and has so far collected almost 40 tonnes of recycling in less than three days, including 2 tonnes of food waste on Wednesday alone. The Council will endeavour to ensure that everybody will have their recycling collected within two weeks – the majority of which we anticipate collecting within one week. However, it is hard to predict the exact impact on collections that sustained strikes will have.
The key message from the Council is that we ask residents to keep putting their recycling out on their scheduled collection day and leave it out if it is not picked up. If you do not want to leave it out overnight, please take it back in after 4.30pm and put it out before 7am the following morning. We will collect your recycling and food waste as soon as we can.

If residents can follow the recycling advice below, this will help support our efforts in dealing with the recycling situation even quicker.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation as we strive to clear the backlog.

Recycling Advice
  • Please continue to put your recycling out on your scheduled collection day and leave it out if it is not picked up – we will get to you as soon as we can.
  • Please ensure that your recycling is secured so it cannot blow about. Please also ensure that your recycling containers do not cause an obstruction to others.
  • If we’ve caught up with your previously-missed recycling collection and you don’t have much waste by the time of your next scheduled collection, please hold onto your recycling if you can.
  • You can recycle all of the materials collected as part of the kerbside recycling collections, including food waste, at our three recycling centres in Bath, Keynsham and Midsomer Norton. They are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4.15pm; Monday - Friday 8am - 4.15pm; Saturday 9am - 3.45pm and Sunday 9am - 1pm. Why not help a friend or neighbour who cannot visit the sites by taking their recycling too?
  • It is vital that you continue to recycle your waste – please do not put recycling into your black bin bags as this could slow down your normal refuse collections too.