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Please let us have your comments on the Revised Draft Neighbourhood Plan

posted 9 Jan 2014, 02:54 by Parish Council Communications

The Neighbourhood Plan Management Group has been extremely busy over the last few months - revising the Draft Plan following comments received as a result of the consultation held in July and August last year and dealing with the surprising amount of supporting documentation required. 

Now we are in a position to publish a Revised Draft Plan and warmly invite you to let us have any further comments during a formal 6-week consultation from 11th January to 22nd February.  

This is the last stage at which residents can contribute to the drafting of our Plan, so please take the time to let us have any comments you may have. 

The Plan will then be considered by various statutory authorities, amended if necessary and finally submitted to an independent Examiner.  All being well, this should lead to a referendum in the autumn when the community will have the opportunity to vote.  Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that our wishes are taken into consideration when planning decisions are made. 

This Revised Draft differs from the version published last summer in several respects, the main ones being:

- The ‘Village Envelopes’ have been rethought, leaving out Pipehouse and the brownfield sites at Freshford Mill and Rentokil.  They have been renamed ‘Settlements’ as this is a term used by planning authorities.

- The idea of pressing for traffic lights on the A36 has been dropped.

- The suggested new footpath from St. Mary’s Church down to the shop has also been dropped.

- ‘Infill development’ has been more clearly defined.

- Prospective numbers of new market and affordable housing have also been clarified. 

The Plan will be displayed at open surgeries from 10.00 to 12.00 a.m. at the Limpley Stoke Hotel on 11th January, and at Freshford Village Memorial Hall on 18th January.  Do join us if you can. 

The Plan and related documents are also on the Joint Neighbourhood Plan section of the FreshfordVillage.com website and a printed copy will be available for inspection at The Galleries Shop. 

We are very grateful to the large number of residents who have put in a great deal of work on this Plan.  Now is the time to let us have your final thoughts.


Neighbourhood Plan Management Group