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Please keep footpaths free from overgrowth

posted 11 Jul 2013, 08:17 by Parish Council Communications
At this time of year people always start to be concerned about the overgrowth of hedges along the highways, lanes and footpaths of the village, impeding pedestrians and road users alike. Keeping our pavements free from obstruction is important, so that we may all walk around the village in safety.  Members of the public should be able to use the footpaths and lanes within the village without having to walk in the middle of the road.  

The Parish Council recognizes that responsibility for the maintenance of some of the hedgerows and verges rests with the B&NES Council and – for the A36 - with the Highways Agency.  We are reminding them of the need to get this done. 

However it is the responsibility of individual property owners to ensure that their hedges and overgrown plants do not impede access or obstruct pedestrians and other road users. If you have not done so already please check as a matter of urgency whether this work needs doing. If any hedge which acts as a boundary to your property or field isnot your responsibility, please notify the Parish Council as soon as possible so that we can investigate further.  

If you feel that it is too dangerous or if for any other reason you are unable to undertake the work needed, the Parish Council can arrange to have the work done by an approved contractor. Alternatively you can seek assistance from B&NES, whichever is the most practical.  A charge will be incurred for this service.  Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council - ingrid.freshfordpc@gmail.com - should you wish to discuss this.  

Please do not hesitate to make contact with Clerk or any other Parish Council member if we can be of any further assistance. The names and telephone numbers can be found on www.freshfordvillage.com, on the village notice boards and on the back page of the Bulletin. Alternatively you can contact B&NES directly through Council Connect telephone number 01225 394041.