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Phone/broadband problems - update 1st September

posted 2 Sept 2015, 03:03 by Parish Council Communications
The latest update from BT is that investigations into the 2 further faults have been undertaken.
The report provided by BT is as follows:
1)      Fault at PCP 2 - This will require a length of approx. 170mtrs 200pr cable + 120mtrs 100pr.  Traffic Management will be required to feed the new cable lengths, and also a de-silter will be required to clean one of the underground boxes, as one of the cable jointing positions is currently submerged in silt and mud. If cabling is successful then the jointing of the cabling can be done without traffic management. 
It is likely that our Traffic management contractor will want to conduct a survey prior to any work being undertaken, and this will be progressed as per our priority survey / urgent works procedure. Once a date and traffic management has been agreed then engineer start the cabling.
2)      Fault at  PCP 1+7 – The review is still being carried out by our engineers. Initial findings suggest the old lead cable has been disturbed. If this proves to be the case, it is likely that we will need another cable section to be renewed.   Traffic Management will also be required at this location and, as per our previous breakdowns here, we will not be permitted to deploy Traffic Management at both locations at the same time.
BT have engineers working on the issue, and a further update should be provided on Wednesday or Thursday.
As regards billing, BT have stated that their process is to continue to bill for services and once the fault has been fixed then they apply the customer service guarantee scheme (CSGS) for compensation. Whether this is acceptable or not is an individual decision, and a matter for each individual to take up with their service provider (which may not be BT).
BT have requested that everyone reports their situation to their respective service provider and then once the fault has been cleared to then ask for the compensation/rental rebate. Compensation is a commercial matter between customer and supplier and not a matter that the PC can get involved in.
Should agreement on compensation not be reached, then the matter could be referred to the ombudsman.