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New Parish Councillors welcome!

posted 11 Mar 2015, 01:46 by Parish Council Communications
Do you have opinions about local issues?  Do you sometimes feel that ‘they’ get things wrong when making decisions that affect our community?  Or would you simply be interested in getting more involved?  If so, now’s the time to consider putting yourself forward for election to Freshford Parish Council.
The next elections are on Thursday 7 May 2015, when they will be combined with the UK Parliamentary elections and with the elections for B&NES Council.  Our election will choose the nine parish councillors to serve for the next four years.  Some current councillors will be putting themselves forward for re-election, so it is likely that there will be a core of experience to carry forward to the new council - but it would be extremely beneficial for the community if new people could join the team, bringing different perspectives and fresh enthusiasm.  
No experience is necessary – and the broader the range of backgrounds the better.
The Parish Council meets one evening a month (usually skipping August) and most Councillors also take the lead on a particular aspect of the Council’s work.  You can see the current line-up and their responsibilities here.  You can get a flavour of the discussions that take place from the minutes of Council meetings, which are published here.
If there are nine or fewer candidates, there will be no vote – all will be elected unopposed.  But it would be highly desirable if we could have more candidates than there are places.  Then we can have a genuine input from the community and, as a result, a more representative Parish Council.
Who qualifies?  In broad terms, if you are a registered elector in Freshford, or if you live in or within three miles of the village, or if you work in Freshford, then you can put yourself forward.  If you are in any doubt about whether you qualify, the Parish Clerk, Ingrid Maher Roberts, will be glad to give you the details (ingrid.freshfordpc@gmail.com or tel. 723036).
There is some urgency.  To register your nomination there is some paperwork to be completed, which has to be lodged at the Guildhall in Bath by 9th April.  Ingrid will let you have all the information you need.
Please think about this.  One of the things that makes Freshford such a special community is that so many residents pitch in and make a contribution to the various aspects of village life.  If you have any questions, do contact Nick Stevens, PC Chairman (njsfreshford@googlemail.com or tel. 722264) or speak to any current councillor.