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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

posted 12 Sept 2015, 00:22 by Parish Council Communications
Votes have now been counted for Thursday’s Referendum and residents of Freshford and Limpley Stoke have given a resounding endorsement of the joint Neighbourhood Plan.
There was a good turnout across both villages with 50% of voters registering their votes. Overall 74% voted yes, in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.
“This is very good news. It has been a long process to get to this point” said Peter Wyatt Chairman of Limpley Stoke PC and Nick Stevens, Chairman of Freshford PC, “and it has required the considerable and sustained commitment of many members of the community to turn a vision of the future into a reality". 
“Here is a Plan which supports sustainable development of the two villages, protects and cherishes this unique and much loved local environment and provides a blueprint for the next 25 years. Villagers can take pride in having helped shape the future and in being involved in a Plan which is the first of its kind in the country to embrace one community lying within two local authority areas – Wiltshire (Limpley Stoke) and B&NES (Freshford) Councils.”
Not only does the Plan support sustainable development but it also expresses the declared wishes of the community on a wide range of issues close to their hearts – the need to strike a better balance between all road users whether travelling by foot or by bike or car, the preservation and enhancement of the local environment, the protection of village facilities and services and the sustainable growth and expansion of local business and enterprise. 
“With the help and commitment of the community the two parish councils will continue to work together to take forward projects aimed at meeting the reasonable aspirations of residents” say Peter and Nick. “The Plan gives us the blueprint for further action and the confidence that what needs to be done will be in keeping with the wishes of the community.”