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Joint Neighbourhood Plan given go-ahead for Referendum

posted 10 Feb 2015, 06:12 by Parish Council Communications
We are delighted to inform residents that the joint Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan has now passed its Independent Examination.

Janet Cheesley, Planning Inspector, in the Report she submitted to B&NES and Wiltshire Councils, states: 
“I consider that the Freshford and Limpley Stoke Neighbourhood Plan will provide a strong practical framework against which decisions on development can be made.”
and concludes: 
" I am pleased to recommend that the Neighbourhood Plan, as modified by my recommendations, should proceed to Referendum." 
Ms Cheesley, who has 25 years’ experience and has already examined three other rural Neighbourhood Plans, singles out for praise our consultation and publicity process, which went well beyond the legislative requirements.
It is a remarkable achievement for our Neighbourhood Plan to have reached this stage - and apparently to be the first ever cross border Neighbourhood Plan in the country to have done so - and it has really been a tremendous community effort. Our sincere thanks go to all who contributed in any way.
It is usual for Examiners to suggest modifications to help Neighbourhood Plans conform to the regulations – they are the experts after all.  In our case, the Examiner felt that some of our proposed policies did not relate to land use or development and so should not be included.  Also, the Local Green Space designation has been pared back.  That is not wholly unexpected - we thought it worth a try - but at least the Tyning and the Limpley Stoke play park are incorporated and will be given additional protection if the Plan is accepted at the Referendum.
There are other minor modifications but the essence of the Plan is approved.   The Examiner’s full report is now available on our website and can be viewed here.  (For further background on the Neighbourhood Plan, visit the web pages.)

Now onwards to the Referendum. We are not yet sure when that will be but will let you know as soon as we have further news.