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Floods & Drains

posted 17 Nov 2016, 07:53 by Parish Council Communications
Three years ago after a number of floods in the village following heavy rains, a group was formed under Freshford Parish Council to work with B&NES to examine the risks from such occurrences.  While little can be done to avoid our river valleys occasionally flooding, we can do much to prevent local flooding resulting from blocked water courses - drains, culverts and streams.  We sent out guidance to those at risk and B&NES has already done much towards flood mitigation. 

At this time of year we are most vulnerable to water courses getting blocked by leaves and twigs, particularly around culvert entrances.  If these are on or adjacent to your land you are a so-called riparian owner and are responsible for keeping them clear. For its part the PC ensures that any drains on our roads are regularly cleared.

The PC also has a designated Flood Rep who works in liaison with B&NES to report incidences and provide advice where needed.  If you have flood concerns or anything to report please contact the Freshford Flood Rep (Malcolm Shirley, 01225 722424, malcolmcshirley@aol.com).  Of course if you actually experience a flood and the situation cannot be controlled you should call emergency services – but prevention is always better than cure.  

Further information can be found on line.  For advice on flood resilience go to: http://www.nationalfloodforum.org.ukand for further information on flood awareness and risk at your postcode: https://floodsdestroy.campaign.gov.uk/