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FLiSCA AGM - Monday 23 November

posted 15 Nov 2015, 06:01 by Parish Council Communications
FLiSCA - Freshford & Limpley Stoke Community Association 
FLiSCA’s Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 23 November 2015 at Freshford Memorial Hall.  All Members of the Freshford and Limpley Stoke community are warmly invited to attend.  As well as reporting on the work of FLiSCA and the Galleries Shop and Café, and taking questions, the main item of business at the AGM will be presentation of its annual report and the election of FLiSCA trustees for the forthcoming year. The meeting will conclude with a glass of wine.
Trustees give their time voluntarily to govern and manage the Galleries Shop and Café, manage grants and other community matters.  They meet six or so times a year, in addition to their group work.  Joining the board offers a rewarding opportunity to directly support our vibrant community – but one which will only remain vibrant with enough volunteers.  Applications to become trustees have been invited.

There are eight FLiSCA Trustees, two of whom are appointed by the two Parish Councils as their representatives.  The remaining six are elected at the AGM.  The eight trustees form two sub-groups, the Community Group and the Galleries Management Group, the roles and activities of which are evident from their titles.  The current FLiSCA trustees are:
Malcolm Shirley (Chairman)
Richard Blamey (Treasurer)
John Adler (Freshford PC representative)
David Gwyther (Limpley Stoke representative)
(These four also form the Community Group). 
Stephen Dawson 
Chloe Alexander 
Orla Morrish
Adrian Kennedy
(These four also form the Galleries Management Group, chaired by Stephen)
Steve Best is the Board’s non-trustee Secretary.

The constitution requires that at the AGM election takes place of the six non-PC nominated trustees for the forthcoming year.  Adrian Kennedy will be standing down at the meeting but happily the remaining 5 elected members of the Board are prepared to offer themselves for re-election.  Florence Rothman has kindly offered herself for election in Adrian’s place.  At the same time Mike Daniel has kindly volunteered for election as a trustee with a view to succeeding Malcolm Shirley as Chairman in early 2016 after an appropriate handover period.  Thus at the AGM those present will be asked to elect/re-elect the following 
Officers:  Chairman Malcolm Shirley
                        Treasurer Richard Blamey
Members: Stephen Dawson
                        Chloe Alexander
                        Orla Morrish
                        Florence Rothman
                        Mike Daniel

If anyone has any queries about the above, please e-mail the Chairman at malcolmcshirley@aol.com prior to the meeting.  We much look forward to seeing you there.