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posted 6 Nov 2014, 00:57 by Parish Council Communications
FLiSCA's Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 27 November 2014 at Freshford Memorial Hall.  All residents of Freshford and Limpley Stoke are warmly invited to attend.  As well as reporting on the work of FLiSCA and the Galleries Shop and Café, presenting the annual accounts for both (available In advance on request) and taking questions, the main item of business at the AGM will be the election of FLiSCA trustees for the coming year. To vote, you need to be a member of FLiSCA - for which all residents qualify, at no charge (if unsure you're a member, you can sign up on the night!).
FLiSCA trustees give their time voluntarily to govern and manage the Galleries Shop and Café, manage grants and other community matters.  Becoming a trustee offers a rewarding opportunity to directly support our vibrant community - but one which will only remain vibrant with enough volunteers.  Applications are invited - see below.
There are eight trustees on the FLiSCA Board, two of whom are appointed by the two Parish Councils as their representatives.  The remaining six are elected at the AGM.  The board has six meetings a year, plus the work of two sub-groups, the Community Group and the Galleries Management Group, the roles of which are evident from their titles.  In addition to the board meetings the GMG meets monthly and has considerable interaction with the managers and Galleries team.  The CG also meets occasionally as required.
The current FLiSCA trustees are:
Malcolm Shirley (Chairman)
John Ager (Treasurer)
John Adler (Freshford PC representative)
David Gwyther (Limpley Stoke representative)
(These four also form the Community Group).
The trustees who also form the Galleries Management Group are:
Stephen Dawson (GMG Chairman)
Chloe Alexander (Finance)
Orla Morrish (Personnel, systems & payroll)
Adrian Kennedy (GMG Secretary)
The constitution requires that at the AGM election takes place of the six non-PC nominated trustees.  Happily the four members of the GMG are prepared to offer themselves for re-election; should there be other candidates a ballot will be held. FLiSCA particularly seeks suitable applicants to fill the positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  The post of Secretary could be combined with another FLiSCA role, or could be filled by a non-trustee volunteer, should a potential candidate not wish to be a trustee.  
Anyone wishing to be considered for election as a FLiSCA Trustee, or as non-trustee secretary, is invited to complete a simple application form.   Equally if any potential applicant has any questions about the form or the board and its roles, please do not hesitate to email the Chairman or contact any member of the board.