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Elections; B&NES and Freshford PC

posted 21 Mar 2019, 12:19 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 26 Mar 2019, 08:17 ]
It is election time on May 2nd and everyone in the community will have a vote on who should be elected to be a Freshford PC councillor.
If there are more than 9 candidates, then there will be an election.
However, should there be 9 or less candidates then an election will not be held and those candidates will, de-facto, become councillors.
The PC is the third tier of government, and represents the local community.
If you like how the PC has been working, then please consider being a councillor to continue the good work.
If you feel that there have been short-comings in the PC, then the best way to effect change is by becoming a councillor.
Of the outgoing councillors, there were 8 men and only 1 woman. Clearly there is a deficit of female representation.
A healthy PC consists of a spread of ages, different views and equal representation of the sexes – OK, it is hard to have 50/50 representation where there are 9 councillors, but female representation should be more than 1 woman.
The PC has been, and should continue to be, fiercely politically agnostic as the PC represents the community and not a political party.
Could you please consider whether you are prepared to become a Freshford Parish Council councillor, and if you are, then please complete this form and hand it in to BANES at the Guildhall by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.
If you would like to discuss anything, then please do feel free to contact either the Clerk, Lorraine Montacute (parish.council@freshfordvillage.com) or the current chair, John Adler (john.adler.fpc@outlook.com).
One point to note is that as further financial cut-backs hit BANES (a further £50-60m+ to come), this will potentially have a massive impact at a local level, which will inevitably put the PC in the position of having to consider the local community in ways not previously considered. What this will be is unknown, but is more than a likelihood.

Please do consider becoming a Freshford PC councillor and help to shape the future.