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Bus fare consultation

posted 2 Feb 2014, 03:47 by Parish Council Communications

Local residents across the West of England are being asked what they think of bus services in their area in a major consultation exercise being run by bus company, First.


The latest review will look at all First’s bus services covering the West of England areas outside of Bristol’s inner zone. The consultation follows a similar major review of bus fares in and around Bristol last year, which led to significant changes being implemented, with children and young people getting much bigger discounts on travel and the whole structure of fares in the city changed.

Under the banner ‘Fairer Fares for All’, people will be asked to fill in either hard copy or online questionnaires regarding their use of buses, sharing their opinions regarding the fares charged. The results of the questionnaires will then be analysed by independent transport consultants before decisions regarding any subsequent changes are made.


Hard copy questionnaires will be available on buses, in libraries, in council one-stop-shops and in First’s own travel shops to further aid people’s ability to feed back their thoughts.  A number of customer-facing road shows around the region are also being arranged.

The online questionnaire will be found at www.firstgroup.com/fairerfaresforall from 1 February and the consultation will run from then until 16  March 2014.