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BT/Broadband update - 10th September

posted 12 Sept 2015, 00:20 by Parish Council Communications

BT have responded that they have escalated to OpenReach the situation of those at risk. OpenReach will investigate possible emergency facilities but need more information.


OpenReach have requested that they are provided with full details of all those on emergency lifelines – telephone number and full address. I would also assume that the name of the person ‘at risk’ is also needed.


The details of several people who are ‘at risk’ have already been supplied, but we do need to make sure that everyone ‘at risk’ is covered.


The nature of the problems are clearly within the core infrastructure, so even if phone and/or broadband have been seemingly working without problem to date, it might be for the best to assume that everyone ‘at risk’ may experience problems at some point in the future until the whole issue is resolved.


Could this message please be passed round to check that no-one is missed.


I am sure that everyone who is experiencing problems is extremely frustrated. This is at least a mini-breakthrough and I’m sure that everyone would agree that initial focus should be on those with the greatest need.


Once emergency communications are in place, then pressure can be brought to bear to widen these communications links – which hopefully will be easier than putting in place in the first instance.


Finally, may I apologise to not responding to every email received. It would be wonderful to be able to do so, but I have not been able to find the hours in a day to do so.


The emails received are all read and greatly appreciated – feedback does help to understand what people are experiencing.


John Adler

Freshford Parish Council