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BT - further update

posted 25 Aug 2015, 07:28 by Parish Council Communications

A further update has been received from BT:


·         Cable Job 1 – the cable is in and the jointing work has started with traffic lights. They weren’t able to complete it over the weekend, so aim is to complete by close of play today. They have engineers out there with traffic lights.

·         Cable Job 2 – This has been completed.

·         A further update to be provided later this week


Several people have raised the matter of having received incorrect billing. It is recommended that each bill covering this period is scrutinised for accuracy – perhaps checking the itemised calls list. Should you have any concerns about the accuracy of the bill, then this needs to be taken up with the service provider in person. This is not something that the PC can realistically help with.


It has been suggested to BT that they drop all charges for the duration of the issues for those affected by the problems – or for everyone should they not be able to identify those affected. Their response will be circulated.


Please remember that once these works are completed and full service to the exchange is restored, then there may be continuing issues for some people. Anyone with continuing problems after the full service is available will need to take the issues up with their service provider – the company that is providing the phone or internet services.