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posted 9 Jun 2016, 03:04 by Parish Council Communications
Residents are asked to be considerate to neighbours if planning to light a bonfire, particularly as the weather gets warmer and people leave windows open or are out enjoying their gardens.
  • Try to chose a time when the wind will blow smoke away from neighbouring properties.
  • Try to check if anyone has put any washing out to dry.
  • Try, if circumstances permit, to let neighbours know that you intend to light a bonfire. This gives them a chance to close windows and bring in washing.
  • Try not to burn wet or damp material as it makes more smoke.
  • Try not to have bonfires too frequently.
  • Don't leaves fires burning or smouldering overnight.
Residents who use B&NES garden waste collection can, of course, dispose of much bonfire material that way.
Further information is available on the B&NES website.