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Bath Sculpture Trail - Minerva’s Owls

posted 4 Aug 2018, 00:53 by Parish Council Communications
Message forwarded from Gitte Dawson:

You may be aware of this year's Bath Sculpture Trail – Minerva's Owls in Bath.  It's a fun project, and I hear people are making their way out to Freshford to find our owl - which is The Wowlet - sponsored for and decorated by the Freshford Preschool at the Village Hall. 

I am involved with this in a limited way - as it's a follow-on from my King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath ten years ago which gave us our “Country Pignic”, still on the shop terrace.

I thought you might like to let locals know that I am looking after the online shop - mini owls, posters, mugs, maps etc - with more products to follow.  So if they want to buy anything - no need to travel to Bath or to pay for posting - just contact me at Hillside Farm, tel 722511!!

I am not the only local person involved.  The owl sculpture’s creator is Alan Dun in Limpley Stoke who also created the pig in 2008 and the lion in 2010 (as well as the Cirencester hare in 2014 and the 2016 Herdwick sheep in the Lake District).  Freshford artist Annabel Menheneott painted both NocturnOwl and Sea Owl; Cllr Neil Butters’ wife Charlotte Moore painted James the Jolly Owl (at Jollly’s) and the Packhouse Owl in South Stoke; and artists Emma Rose (“Minerva”) and Catherine Beale (H‘owl at the Moon) are known to our shop customers because we have had their pictures on our shop walls more than once.  Other local residents have helped with sewing the goddess Minerva’s costume, organising children to paint a charity owlet, putting a finishing varnish coat on the owl sculptures and helping to install owls.  And the Village Hall committee has lent gazebos and display tables for particular PR events.  So I think we all have a right to feel some ownership!