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Horticultural Soc Headliners

posted 11 Jun 2019, 10:24 by Parish Council Communications

The society's page now contains brief outlines of the up and coming Autumn/Winter events, which can be down loaded from the main page.

Community Speed Watch Update

posted 24 Apr 2019, 11:20 by Parish Council Communications

Follow the Transport link page for new information and contact details.

Transport Info

posted 9 Apr 2019, 10:17 by Parish Council Communications

Road Closure
Rosemary Lane Closure;From River Frome Bridge to the entrance to Freshford Mill for the period 6th May 2019 for a maximum period of 2 weeks, further info attached.
Rail Disruption
Work is planned across the network, some disruption to services expected 13/14th April & 11/12 May 2019.

Elections; B&NES and Freshford PC

posted 21 Mar 2019, 12:19 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 26 Mar 2019, 08:17 ]

It is election time on May 2nd and everyone in the community will have a vote on who should be elected to be a Freshford PC councillor.
If there are more than 9 candidates, then there will be an election.
However, should there be 9 or less candidates then an election will not be held and those candidates will, de-facto, become councillors.
The PC is the third tier of government, and represents the local community.
If you like how the PC has been working, then please consider being a councillor to continue the good work.
If you feel that there have been short-comings in the PC, then the best way to effect change is by becoming a councillor.
Of the outgoing councillors, there were 8 men and only 1 woman. Clearly there is a deficit of female representation.
A healthy PC consists of a spread of ages, different views and equal representation of the sexes – OK, it is hard to have 50/50 representation where there are 9 councillors, but female representation should be more than 1 woman.
The PC has been, and should continue to be, fiercely politically agnostic as the PC represents the community and not a political party.
Could you please consider whether you are prepared to become a Freshford Parish Council councillor, and if you are, then please complete this form and hand it in to BANES at the Guildhall by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April.
If you would like to discuss anything, then please do feel free to contact either the Clerk, Lorraine Montacute (parish.council@freshfordvillage.com) or the current chair, John Adler (john.adler.fpc@outlook.com).
One point to note is that as further financial cut-backs hit BANES (a further £50-60m+ to come), this will potentially have a massive impact at a local level, which will inevitably put the PC in the position of having to consider the local community in ways not previously considered. What this will be is unknown, but is more than a likelihood.

Please do consider becoming a Freshford PC councillor and help to shape the future.

Woodland Trust & Avoncliff Wood

posted 18 Feb 2019, 11:33 by Parish Council Communications

The good news is that The Woodland Trust is now the new owner of Avoncliff Wood and surrounding land the Westwood side of The Freshford Inn field.The Trust is booked to hold a drop-in consultancy at Westwood Parish Rooms on Tue 26th March, 2 - 6.30 pm.James Crawford (Woodland Trust Member) has more information; 01225 869006 & 07850 175431

Green waste collections restart Monday 28 January

posted 21 Jan 2019, 12:10 by Parish Council Communications

Residents of Bath and North East Somerset are being reminded that green waste collections resume on Monday 28 January. 

People who bought real Christmas trees, can put them out for collection between 28 January and 8 February on garden waste collection days, even if they don’t have a green bin. They will be collected free of charge. Please cut them up small enough to fit in the lorry and make sure they are free of decorations.

Rosemary Lane Road Closure

posted 13 Jan 2019, 09:24 by Parish Council Communications

The road will be closed between Blackwell Bridge & Crabtree Lane. This is in order to carry out the planned public highways works, and will be from the 21st Jan for a maximum of five weeks. Pedestrian access will be kept open as long as it is safe to do so. Freshford Mill apologise for any inconvenience. For further info please contact Hayden Meates; Site Manager 07739 651960


posted 5 Nov 2018, 11:22 by Parish Council Communications   [ updated 2 Dec 2018, 05:49 ]

2019 Events added to calendar

NOTICE OF FLiSCA AGM 2018 : 7.30 pm 14th November Freshford Memorial Hall

posted 1 Nov 2018, 10:40 by Parish Council Communications

This year’s FLiSCA AGM is to take place at Freshford Memorial Hall on the above date.The Agenda will cover pictures of FLiSCA funded projects 2018 ; approval of the accounts and a briefing on our finances ; news about the Galleries ; information on how to apply for grants and election of the FLiSCA board for the new year . Beautiful food and wine from the Galleries will be served . 

Lee Newlyn 

Secretary of FLiSCA 

2018 Freshford Fireworks Show - Friday 9th November, Brown’s Field

posted 27 Oct 2018, 01:52 by Parish Council Communications

Book your tickets now for the 2018 Freshford Fireworks Show in aid of Freshford Primary School and Freshford Pre-School.

There will be spectacular fireworks plus music; samba drums; hotdogs, cakes & popcorn; beer cider and fruit juices; mulled wine and hot chocolate.

To reserve your tickets visit https://freshfordpta.wordpress.com and follow the links to the Fireworks Show.

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