Clerk Job Description


Attendance at monthly meetings held on the 2nd Monday of each month, normally at Freshford Village Memorial Hall. Start time 7.00 p.m. to arrive by 6.45 pm. for opening up and helping to prepare the room. Meetings usually end around 9.00 p.m.

As Responsible Financial Officer, attendance at the Annual Parish Meeting in April.

To take and produce minutes to be approved by the Parish Council and amended if necessary by the Chairman.

To implement decisions made at the meeting before the next meeting where possible and to report to Chairman.

To represent the Parish Council at external meetings as required.

Minutes and Agendas

In liaison with the Chairman to prepare the Agenda and Minutes and to ensure that the Council makes legal decisions and holds effective meetings.

Circulate electronically Agendas and Minutes to the Councillors, and to those on the Mailing List.

Arrange for copies of the agenda to be affixed to the Parish Notice Boards and to be available on the PC website.  The Minutes to be delivered in draft form as soon as they are ready, normally within a week of the meeting but no later than one week before the next meeting in final form.

To issue notices and prepare agendas and minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting and to implement the decisions that are agreed by the Council.


Receive and send all Parish Correspondence, file and keep securely.

Keep the Chairman and appropriate Councillors up to date with any correspondence received, in particular those with deadlines for reply.


Attend to Planning Applications.  Inform the Chairman when applications are received.  Look up previous history as necessary and send the Council's comments to the appropriate Local Authority to arrive by the given deadline.  File and keep securely.

General Administration

Be available to Parishioners during reasonable hours to receive information by telephone or email, answer queries, etc, unless prior confirmation is required by the Council.  

Liaise with such bodies or individuals, in connection with Council business as may be necessary.  

To act as Data Protection Officer and ensure that Parish Council records comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. 

Maintain and update documents pertaining to legal legislation, such as Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection, Declaration and Register of Interests, Elections and formal notices of Audit Inspection.


Maintain the Council records and accounts, in accordance with the recommendations of the Internal Auditor and Accounts and Audit Regulations of 1996, which were established to enforce proper financial controls, prevent and detect fraud and tackle bad debts.

Prepare, receive and despatch payments, and give a resume of the financial position at each monthly Council meeting.

Prepare the Account Books, End of Year Return and associated documents with the Chairman regarding the Internal and External Audit.

Receive a visit once or twice a year by the Internal Auditor and provide all documents that may be requested for inspection.

Ensure that the Council has adequate Insurance and that Annual Risk Assessments are carried out and acted on.

With the Chairman and Vice Chairman prepare a budget on which the Precept calculations will be decided.

Additional Responsibilities

To deal with the sale and allotment of plots in the cemetery and to advise and instruct funeral directors regarding interments.  To keep and maintain accurate entries in the Cemetery Records Book.  To liaise with the Chairman and Councillors on cemetery maintenance and ground keeping projects and any unusual requests.

To act as the co-ordinator and contact point for all enquiries about street lighting throughout the village.  To liaise with the appropriate Utility Services to maintain upkeep and upgrade the level of service reasonably required.  To maintain the register of Street Lighting.

To manage regular mowing and other maintenance work on The Tyning, as approved by the Council.


Other duties when reasonably required, at the request of the Council.

Attendance at other meetings, occasionally called by the Council, when necessary.

Attendance at functions or training sessions held by District Council or training bodies under approval of the Council.

Freshford Parish Council will support the Clerk in undertaking further training if appropriate.

Maintain confidentiality of information in an independent, objective and professional manner. 


Freshford Parish Council

March 2018