AGM 2013

 Annual General Meeting - Monday 11th March 2012 7.00pm at The Inn at Freshford



            Kate Hoffmann (Hon Secretary)                  Roger Purcell (Treasurer)

            Kay Small                                                         Jules Lowrie

            Helen Swift                                                     Margaret Dodge

            Tony White                                                     Charlie Murray

            Caroline Ford


1.    Welcome

In the absence of a Chairman, the Treasurer welcomed everyone.

2.    Apologies:       Lizzie Vincent

                                                Tom Peck

                                                Vora Peck

                                                Jan Pitt

                                                Sonia Follows (no longer a member)

                                                Viv Jackson

                                                Peter Jackson

                                                Erin Bland

                                                Sue Miller


It was noted that Rosemary Watson passed on her very best wishes to the Group and explained that her health had improved enough for her to be undertaking small roles with her new village drama group.


3.    Minutes of last AGM

These were read, agreed as true and accurate, and will be signed by the Secretary in the absence of the Chairman.

4.    Matters arising from the minutes

There were none.


                        5.    Secretary’s report (in the absence of the Chairman)

                A  brief summary was given of the three events put on in 2012.

·      Jubilee Fresh Factor was a great success, enabling a wide range of competitors to show their talent in Freshford Memorial Hall on 1st June 2012. The winners (Making Waves) were worthy champions although the competition was fierce! 

·      The 50th Anniversary Tea Party took place on 4th November 2012 at which there was the opportunity to browse over the many photographs from performances over the years. Toasts were drunk to the Group, departed friends, and absent friends. The tea was provided by the members present. The delicious chocolate anniversary cake was made by Jules Lowrie and cut by former Chairman Carina Baverstock. Peter Jackson performed two recitations and a song accompanied by Tony White. 

·      The Pantomime Peter Pan (directed by Viv Jackson) was another wonderful production, involving cast and crew from all three villages. Many noted how much more confident the children had become over the past three years and how a number of families had come together and enjoyed contributing to the panto in a variety of  different ways. The annual panto has become an inspiring event for so many.

6.    Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer provided copies of the Group Financial Statement for 2012. The accounts are due to be audited by Guy Cottam but in summary the Group’s account stands in credit at £8,051.94 showing a further increase from last year’s balance of  £1,318.97.

Copies of the statement are available on request. Many thanks to both Roger Purcell and Guy Cottam for the faithful work they do in keeping and auditing the accounts.

7.    Election of the New Committee

Roger Purcell has decided to retire as Treasurer, a role he has had since 2005, and Kate Hoffmann will not stand again as Hon Secretary, a role  which she has undertaken for nearly as long.

A discussion ensued regarding the fresh energy a new committee would bring to the Group. It was agreed that the new committee members for 2013 would be:

Jules Lowrie (Hon Secretary and Chairman)

Caroline Ford

            Helen Swift

            Sue Miller

            Charlie Murray

            Kay Small

            Viv Jackson

Paul Charlton-Thompson


Kate Hoffmann agreed to send this and all previous years’ AGM minutes to Jules Lowrie. Roger Purcell agreed to send details of all members to Jules also.

8.    Election of Life Members

It was unanimously agreed that Margaret Dodge should be awarded life membership of the Freshford Music and Drama Group in recognition of her outstanding contribution and loyalty of the Group’s production over many years.

9.    Village Hall Redevelopment - Prince’s Foundation Workshop

A feasibility study is currently in development which will consider the opinion and views of the local community. The Village Hall Committee will meet this week to agree a way ahead following which a tender process will commence to gain suitable architectural support.

10. General discussion regarding possible activities for 2013

The new committee discussed the feasibility of putting on another Pantomime in 2014. Much enthusiasm was demonstrated and it was agreed to discuss this at the first meeting of the new committee in the next few weeks.

Tony White agreed to hold the bi-annual Tingle Factor at which villagers are invited to share a piece of music and explain how and why it puts a shiver up their spine. Date to be confirmed.

Roger Purcell agreed to consider organising a dramatized reading.

Date of next (new) committee meeting will be 15th April 2012 8pm at Freshford Inn.

Minutes taken by Kate Hoffmann (Hon. Secretary)

Current subscriptions:

                        Individual membership:                 £8

                        Family membership:                       £12           

                        Junior membership (U16):            £4